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YouTube Emulation Extravaganza (sort of)

19 December 2017 - 08:53 pm

Only two specific emulator videos up so far, although there are some other odds and sods on there if you have a poke about.


I've got quite a few machines in mind I'd like to do though, so more videos should be appearing in the coming days and weeks.


I'm also drafting out some ideas for a 'History of Fruit Machine Emulation' video, although that'll take a bit more work than me just talking shite for 10-20 minutes.


Anyway, the DOND Power Five video went up yesterday, Roller Coaster has just gone up now. I'll add to this thread as I add videos to the channel.


Enjoy! And eat more fruit.


Many thanks to all the folks who make these videos are possible at all, not least Wizard for his amazing emulator, the layout creators, resource gatherers, site hosters and everyone else :)




70 Awp Emulation - Almost A Dond

13 January 2013 - 06:07 pm

Presented by the manufacturer themselves, no less!

You need an iThing to play it.


I've posted this over at Fruit Forums but I know that's not the most densely populated set of forums these days so I'll post it here too :D


Plays like the real thing! App is free but it's really stingy on free credits. You can of course buy more, but you can never actually win anything.....




It's a Reflex interpretation of a DOND. This is a real machine that can be found out in arcades and pubs. Players don't rate it, to say the least.




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My Youtube Channel - Not Exactly Buddylove Standards Though....

02 October 2011 - 10:24 am


Only go out once every week or two generally, so updates won't be that often, and I stick to machines I know in places where I'm confident the staff aren't bent. (Hence the repetition of machines, especially since I live in a small town so not a huge amount of choice, and my days of travelling to play are long gone. Also, £500 jackpot random machines (the old S-16s) are legal in pubs here, and I avoid them like the plague, which limits my play choices further.)

Some nice mega streaks in there though :)

Any 35 Roms Runners In Mfme?

30 July 2011 - 04:00 pm

As per the thread title really.

I realise the 35 ROMs were a bit of a 'hot issue' two or three years ago as it was the current jackpot on AWPs, but of course the 70 jackpot has been with us for a while now.

As such, are there any 35 ROMs we can load into existing MPU5 or Scorpion4 layouts? Obviously the decals on the layout won't match but it was generally only the jackpot value that changed anyway.

Would just be interesting to give them a bash from the safety of an emulator :D

Good Fruity For The Home?

09 October 2010 - 05:15 pm

I've finally persuaded the missus to let me have a games room in the house, and by games room, I mean as many fruit machines as I can squeeze into a decent sized single bedroom (I reckon seven or eight will go in there).

So what fruities would be a good choice for your own home? I've been having at think about my criteria.

1) Nothing that's already emulated, for obvious reasons. Whilst it would be nice have certain machines 'in the flesh' (for example machines that had dimmed lights and 'flashers' such as Sheik Your Money and Roller Coaster), there's no getting around the the fact that I'll have ragged the arse out of them on the emulator and already be pretty bored with them, however much prettier they might look for real.

2) No club machines, I've never much liked and/or played them for real, and they've never done much for me emulated either.

3) No S16/B3 machines. Oooohhhhh, press start a million times and see what happens, fascinating. Spa's videos on his YouTube channel and also buddylove's have shown me all I need to know about these things :D

4) No lo-techs. Boooooring for real, boooooring emulated, don't want one in the house.

So where does that leave us?

Basically unemulated hi-tech AWPs, which means later MPU5, Epoch, later Scorpion4 and all Scorpion5 machines, and maybe a couple of other minor techs.

Out of those:

1) No Empires. Sorry guys, your machines are just too random and $&%#y to be any real fun.

2) No Bellfruits. I've played a fair amount of £35/£70 BFMs in the wild and if it's not a DOND machine, it's a clone of a DOND machine, and they're all the same, force for the mega, hope for the best, and scrimp up what afters you can. Odd steal here and there but not much to them.

3) Barcrest. Not sure really, don't see many of them around these days but they do seem to have a reasonable amount of playability to them.

4) Mazooma/QPS/others - open to suggestions.

5) All those 'Games Media' and other random companies, that did the likes of Warped and Poker Face and Billy The Quid, you know the ones. For real I only ever forced out the top and hoped for the big one (I had a Poker Face round here that was a dependable £140 when red), but is there anything more to them than that?

6) An Epoch. Maygay, Global and particularly Impulse knocked out some decent machines on this tech, but I'm not sure how hard it'd be to get hold of one. A Spin On It or Gridrunner would be nice I think.

7) Red. Now this would be my preferred option, never been emulated, have their own unique code and play style, fast, exciting, brutal. Also tend to have really funky sounds and music.

Finally in terms of jackpot, I guess my options are from £25 up to £70, I suspect £70 JP machines are still pretty expensive though?

I know a few folks on here have their own fruities, any recommendations where to buy from, how much to pay, what to expect in terms of maintenance and that sort of thing?