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In Topic: Zero Posters, Leechers etc

26 January 2018 - 01:36 AM

People with accounts less than 4 weeks old should get no downloads. Then they should get a min set approved mb per day pending an introduction and at least 5 posts, even if one of them is moaning they cannot download, an auto message explaining why could be pinged to their inbox, rather than coders and layout creators having to answer endless whinges and questions over snd over in FME discussion from free loading leeches. Then to get any mb they should donate a minimum of £7.50 six monthly for a bronze membership. The site is too generous, I think. People should only get mb download if they post more than 20 times, then donate. FME is not free to abuse and leech, the site costs money to host. I don't think 50p per download for members less than a month old is too much to ask for a layout and £1 for each emulator to go towards the site. Just an idea. 👍

In Topic: Do pigs fly? Apparently they do......some day :)

24 January 2018 - 10:05 PM

Thanks everyone :cute:


20 January 2018 - 09:31 PM

Vectra said the machines have a built in pc, so it's not yet possible, but like he said, years ago we did not have party time on emulation :cute: Fingers crossed.  I can't wait to see an oxo super reels multi player myself ...that would be just as cool as bullion bars.

In Topic: Random Gold not displaying english

18 January 2018 - 12:22 AM

right click on the font file and click on "install" simple as that ;)


It's a zip file and when I click unzip file to desktop it says no, don't work:(

In Topic: Constant MFME 6 About on each load.

14 January 2018 - 10:34 PM

It happens if you open different versions, so if you open v5.1, then the next time you open v6 you'll need to read the message again. If you follow the below, then you won't need to read it in v6 again, but you will everytime you open v5.1.


If you have v6 open, then open v5.1, yes you'll need to read the message on v5.1, but then when you close v5.1 first and then close v6, you won't have to watch the message again if you use v6 next. I.E. You'll only ever need to read the message on v5.1, not both, providing the next time you open v5.1, you have v6 open.

Thank you Weraecity