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Real fruit machine Astra what is this and is it emulated?

10 December 2018 - 02:14 pm

Hi. heard a Astra machine today with the same sounds as Bullion Bars, but the sounds were higher in pitch when the reels landed. Also nudge sounds were different. Is it available and what is it called please? Not sure if it had top box.

I'm a Celeb 10P 5 25P 5 releases

02 December 2018 - 11:44 am

Hi, just got these machines as this is on TV right now. Absolutely loving the show. I ran these 2 layouts as stated into MFME 5, then saved the layouts. I moved them to the MFMEV6.1 folder, ran the layouts, and all I got was a load of coins filling out of the hopper. The games actually work fine but I have to either disable the effects or I have to turn them down. It seems to be spilling out coins nonstop. Thing is, I haven't even won anything yet. Have I done something wrong? The volume on the machines also seem fine. All I can say is ... I'm Tom Grant, get myself out of here as I'm now listening to the premier league. Shame about Noel Edmands though. I think he had a bit of a hasty exit from the jungle.

Another Mame Question and some help please if you can?

25 November 2018 - 02:52 pm

Hi. Just been playing some old fruities like roadhog and andy cap. I'm unable to find a forum for mame to answer this question. I know somebody gave me a copy with working ROMs for lucky and wild which I've also enjoyed. I would like to ask if there are any working ROMs, or any ROMs at all in any state for the machine called something like "spider stomper" or "spider stompin'"? This used to be a favourite of mine back in the day due to the cool sounds and attract mode when it sings something like hey la la la la. I would also like wav files of such files if they exist as youtube's a bitt of a letdown as I can't afford to go premium right now. I'm getting nonstop ads right through a video, so I'm not using it for a while. If I did I'd be able to record it and it's not easy as you get arcade ambiences throughout. Thanks if you can help.

fruit machine samples

30 October 2018 - 06:15 pm

Hi. I've seen a fightnight M1A machine at Weymouth. Used to love playing it in late 2002/03 and I noticed that the samples are lower. Is there a way to emulate this? Used to find a rate slider in the old MFME 3 onwards, but seeme to have disappeared in V 6.1.

Tuppenny Nudger MDM confusion help

20 September 2018 - 08:46 am

Hi, I know there's a version of tuppenny nudger from MDM called classic tuppenny nudger (which I can play on MFME), but I've personally played another one with the same sounds but works a little differently. I never had any nudges, but I got onto the gambling bit, collected my winnings (in 2p's) and they immediately spilled out into the tray. However the MFME version doesn't do this as such, you have to collect the winnings afterwards. Also when I get nudges in MFME, there is no music as such as from what I've heard in either a video from either Spa or Crazybar, I'm sure of it. Please tell me what these machines are called and if my version is going to be playable in MFME 6. I know it's not the Pluto 6 hardware one.