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Tuppenny Nudger MDM confusion help

20 September 2018 - 08:46 am

Hi, I know there's a version of tuppenny nudger from MDM called classic tuppenny nudger (which I can play on MFME), but I've personally played another one with the same sounds but works a little differently. I never had any nudges, but I got onto the gambling bit, collected my winnings (in 2p's) and they immediately spilled out into the tray. However the MFME version doesn't do this as such, you have to collect the winnings afterwards. Also when I get nudges in MFME, there is no music as such as from what I've heard in either a video from either Spa or Crazybar, I'm sure of it. Please tell me what these machines are called and if my version is going to be playable in MFME 6. I know it's not the Pluto 6 hardware one.

Eastenders Queen Vic released by Pook

14 September 2018 - 02:42 pm

Hi, got a couple of problems with this one. I get to the bit where I collect the feature where frank butcher says lovely little motor, only one owner. After that, I can hear the machine playing a drum beat and apart from that, no other keys work. Also, no layout notes are included and I don't really know what the S key is for in this layout or machine anyways, though I've played it countless times, but not got on the feature board. Many thanks.

ButtonDown and ButtonUp sound effects

20 August 2018 - 04:50 pm

Hi, if anyone has any fruities laying around and wishes to do me a favour please, I'd like some coin effects and button effects on different machines. I, however, have managed to maintain some clicks I made today from Homer's Meltdown. It was in a busy arcade though in Newcastle, near the Spanish City Dome.

What the hell is this noise meaning? And some help with the MPU Mekka please?

22 July 2018 - 04:16 pm

Well, was just watching the tour de France. Thought I'd fire up Party time player £25 on MFME. I insert coins. Next thing ... Extremely loud beeping, earpearcingly loud! Quickly pressed control R, and it seemed to work. Now, at the Mekkah, I cannot recover my password and username. I've not used this site in ages. I wish to find and download the alarm sounds of different fruities. I've lost the Bar-X alarm as well. I know this was one of these many sounds. I have big problems recovering my username and password as it requires a captcha which I cannot do, and my parents don't know what this is, and besides they don't know how to use a computer. Ideally I'd like username I have finished, password PartyTimePlayer25. Please try to help me if you can. Kind regards, Tom. :)

Fruit machine techs

11 June 2018 - 04:15 pm

Hi, just re-downloaded Adder5 Golden Winner from DIF, can someone explain what the difference between a slot machine (say Epoch), and a video slot is (Say this one I've got from DIF) and a FOBT is? The way Reg's written the description is slightly weird as I'd say the stakes and everything on golden winner and pink panther, well... it confuses me. I just want to know what the difference between all 3 of these types of machines are? I thought each machine _even MPU3/4) would use video. Bit of a dum stupid question I know. Kind regards, Tom.