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In Topic: Tuppenny Nudger MDM confusion help

Today, 12:40 pm

Think so TC. What do you mean by the super gamble and 1.60? And what do these samples sound like on the machine? I played it in an arcade full of M1A's and Epochs in Weymouth. I loved shoving 2P's in it like a penny pusher then just playing my plays until I won or lost. I'll be amazed if this can be emulated in MFME 6, it's a definite request from me if it can be! I can wait though and my patience is not running thin ATM.

In Topic: Tuppenny Nudger MDM confusion help

Today, 08:02 am

Definitely not MPS. Have played it. It's pretty hopeless, no effects or anything yet, not been updated for MFME 6 yet. Not played the real MPS machine at all, as it was early 80's, and I was born in the 90's guys. Not yet seen an empire version of this site, if anyone has, please let me know and PM me the layout with added coin in/out effects etc with the MPS version too. Only effects working on that one is the stepper effect, thanks to TC's Bar-X 7's reel spin he recorded for me.

In Topic: Tuppenny Nudger MDM confusion help

Yesterday, 02:59 pm

I hope I was clear enough for you guys, seen some views, no replies yet. I meant the version that I have played that works differently by my version. I hope this can be emulated. I can't be any clearer than this.

In Topic: Eastenders Queen Vic released by Pook

15 September 2018 - 09:04 am

Thanks, will try the attached file. But don't forget I'm blind so I can't use the mouse! Haha :) Even speech software is limited to mouse functionality. Might need to inform wizard on this one, make more dialog boxes and modes in MFME more keyboard accessible as text. Damn shame really as no-one will be able to appreciate the wonder that is FME. Even Project Amber was all mouse speciffic. More focus on disabled people, please.

In Topic: Eastenders Queen Vic released by Pook

14 September 2018 - 04:58 pm

The A and R keys are not actually mapped by pook. I had a special version made by Richy1976 with effects added like coin in and coin out as this was inaccessible for me. Please can you map these keys to the layout plus the effects and a layout notes stating what the keys are? Many thanks dougsta, and the game's not crap! I love the sounds in it. One of the alltime greats.