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My You Tube Channel

19 April 2018 - 08:22 pm


I have reopened my you tube channel with vids of emulated machines please pop over and have a look and subscribe, also please make your suggestions either there or in this thread the link is https://www.youtube....tlpee_GQI5I9Lpg


For Sale My Super Red Bar

27 September 2017 - 08:18 am

Hi guys I have for sale my Elecrocoin Super Red Bars Machine it's still on old pound coins but I have been told that the current coin acceptor can be converted to the new pound coin. The machine is fully working  other than the faults listed below non of which affect the game play

,and am happy to allow the buyer to see this before purchase,


Currently its running a Concept Games Rom at 50p play £35 jackpot, there are some lights not working but there are some bulbs with the machine, and there is also a small bit of the chip board missing at the bottom left hand side, I have keys for the cash door and one lock that works for the back door


Also with the machine I have a couple of chuzzy kits and an original £8 token chip set although the token tubes have been disabled by the arcade I got the machine this can be switched to £4 all cash operation, this is the game with the extra nudges,


Other items with the machine are some bulbs and a couple of Z80A CPU,s the battery has been recently replaced,


I cannot deliver so you would have to collect the machine I am looking for £70 for the machine reluctant sale as I will be needing to move soon and I will have to move to smaller premises so will not have the room for the machine 

Repro Is Back

04 June 2011 - 04:42 pm

Hi All

Just to let you know the Repro is now back on line (some of you may have already noticed), thanks to some one over here has managed to find me a cough cure for the server software, and thanks to the 2 guys who donated new hardware to get it back on line quickly, I would like to get a proper licence for the software, so if any one wants to donate to the cost of this i would be most grateful.

Ok most of the user database has been restored but some of the later users may not have been restored however if finds there account is not there please just recreate your account and you will once again have full access however there is still no guest access so logging on as guest as you will have no access.


Cliff C

Repro Your Help Needed

27 April 2011 - 06:06 am


As you all know the PC that runs the repro has died, I want to get it back up ASAP but due to the car needing a nice new timing chain, a couple of new tyres and of course road tax, funds are a little low for a new PC at as well, but I do know that some of you guys on here like me play with PC's as well as emulation, and like me prob have some parts laying about in a corner, like me (but not the ones that I need now), so i was wondering if you have some parts would you be willing to donate them to the me to get the repro back up and running again ASAP i am willing to cover postage costs of course.

Due to the fact that last time I asked for some help it caused a some issues with some users and to be honest I dont want to get into that argument again, I am not asking for cash donations but assitance with parts.

As far as i can work out the issue lies either in the main board or one of the bits on the board so what if any one has laying about some of the following please PM.

Mainboard that has 2 X PATA connections if it supports my current 2.4 GHZ celron CPU that would be a bounus as it means i can test this in the new board to see if this is the issue, however if some one has a complete board with a CPU and memory even better.

A PATA HDD any size large enough to hold an installation of windows XP for testing mainly so i can deffo elimanate the HDD (even one i could loan would be a help)

If you have any other bits that you think may help please PM me.


Cliff C

Sad Repro News

26 April 2011 - 06:28 pm

Hi All

SAd news today unfortunately the repro server will be off line for a while as the machine that runs it seems to have died big style but i dont know whats causeimg it. The machine just will not restart at all I can boot from the windows CD ok and i have reinstalled windows on two drives but the machine will not reboot the windows logo appears but then it either reboots or shows a BOSD but nothing to indicate as to why, but i would think i 2 haed drives would not be bad as my system uses old PATA drives testing is not easy as i have no more drives i can format to test. As I have issues with the car and this is going to cost a fair bit at this time I cannot even afford to look at replaceing the PC, so unfortunately this means for now the repro will have to off line.

The good news the repros data is safe om another drive so once i have got the system up and running it will not take me long to get it back up and running


Cliff C