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In Topic: Got my new fruit machine, but...

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In Topic: Got my new fruit machine, but...

10 December 2018 - 08:25 pm

Yes, I've seen that, a cafe had a road hog in many years ago and every morning it was on BAR 77, a quid in and a £6-9 return. They never cottoned on lol.


Anyway's, had a few plays before, THIS MACHINE IS PAYING OUT WAY TOO MUCH!!! When I got it, I changed it from 82% to 76%, this is a savings machine, so want it realistic.


The best I have done is £1 in, £18.20 out, not to mention the other previous winnings, and a few free games it spits out when bitten. Then a dead £1 so I'm thinking it's going back to normal, and then a JACKPOT and BLUE sevens etc.


Collecting a feature so as feature blitz or skill stopper repeats at least three times for around a tenner. Regular feature entries one after the other, being able to hi-lo gamble from 40p to £6 on unrealistic numbers.


How long can this go on for?


What caused the ram clear, is my mate was playing it for real and I unplugged the coin mech to look at it, it error'd and reset, he lost his credits and goes and BAR 77'd, since then it's been on one, I CAN'T LOSE.


I'm scrapping my CASINO night lol.


When playing it before it started on one I got the blue sevens and it prevented me from gambling to £6, strange as its all cash. Looking at the dip settings the token inhibit had been accidentally put on, so it wouldn't let me gamble any further, a quick flick and it was back to normal and then it was super sevens after super sevens and the above lol.


Could it possible some settings are wrong and its paying out too much? Actually no fun when you win!

In Topic: Got my new fruit machine, but...

09 December 2018 - 07:44 pm

God this machine is a HYPER VYPER!!! I lowered it from 82% to 76% as it playing too generous! Now on 76% i'm averaging £1 in and £10 something out. What's up with it!?

... I can only compaire it to demo mode.

In Topic: Got my new fruit machine, but...

09 December 2018 - 04:57 pm

Can these boards have the battery put elsewhere? i.e. fly wiror

In Topic: Got my new fruit machine, but...

09 December 2018 - 04:13 pm

Thank you, when I get the chance i'll pop on over.


For the moment, i'll try and round wins up to a £1 lol.


With regards to the £1, the cheapest reprogramming I have found is £20 for the coin mech and a fiver for 20 bulbs.


Be up and running good and proper soon! :p


Even on 76% it gives a good game, still seems to generous to be honest.