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In Topic: Happy Birthday Stanmarsh14

16 November 2017 - 08:47 PM

All the best buddy. Having lots of beers here in Austria so cheers buddy.

In Topic: {ADDER5}Tornado

10 November 2017 - 02:21 AM

I can tell you that after playing this for a couple of years in the wild that is 100% not the right sounds. Thanks for bringing this to us and letting me get some time back playing it for free. £100 has lasted me over 3 hours and i only put in the hundred quid playing £2 a spin. If only machine was like that now, they take take take. 

In Topic: WIP BFM Tornado

08 November 2017 - 08:56 AM

Played this to death ages ago. Was a really tight git but when you got the decent runs it would pay huge amounts before going tight again. Looking forward to this one too.

In Topic: Thoughts on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals

31 October 2017 - 10:06 PM

I'm against them, I have been for years - however I do have to pose the question:
In that same bookmaker I can put thousands of pounds, in one go, on a horse.
What's the difference?

The difference is the formula of gambling. I work at Cheltenham race course during the season but don't place bets on horses. It's just not something I like to do it's not for me. The races are not every 20 seconds even at several meetings.

In Topic: {Scorpion 4}Crazy Fruits Scorpion4 German DX

05 October 2017 - 12:12 PM

I just been to Amsterdam and went in a couple of what they call casinos (arcades) and tried my luck on some of there slots. Only had 10 euro went on a magic games machine played chip runner and won 10000 credits which was 100 euro 1 Eu = 100 then went on another machine and played it not knowing what on earth I was doing. I got the 3 7s which was only 4000 or 40Eu but got these 5 mega spins on a disc real and it was win 1000 nothing or +4 spins. It landed on the +4 spins 5 times in a row then landed on the 1000 credits a total of 18 times won 24,000 or 240 euro. One of the games if played on 380 plus 20 credits so I think is 4 euro a spin gave a jackpot of 70,000 but gave a staggering 35,000 spins on the wheel to win 10 euro per spin. i was only playing 60 cents a spin 20 + 40 had i changed it up to 20 + 180 on the one i got the 7s on it was a crazy 20,000 spins on the top wheel. The machines are very very confusing but I walked away with over 1100 euro thanks to the ferry I got a jackpot roll in on the gold leaf clover and a mega streak on same machine. Although I got ripped off on the multi currency reel king. I put in 100 euro and played the credits down very quick. I was like wow that lasted a couple minutes. I put another 20 Euro in and saw i only got £10 worth of credits. On the note slot it said 10 euro = £5 and 20 euro = £10 wow thats some exchange rate. I ended up taking just £50 out of it for 140 euro but it paid £ and not euro. 1000 euro back to £'s i got £828.58 Oh and great machine this crazy fruits. It has the 3 stars on it that is Merkur Maggie in Holland.