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Oooh, would like to have a copy of your roms mate. How about I send my monte carlo full set of modules to you. Its 10 all cash jackpot. When you receive them you then send me your set so I can copy them. I'll pay the postage costs for everything. Or we could do a straight swap? Let me know mate and I can post my set to you as soon as you let me know. Best regards J
Sep 06 2009 09:25 pm


Hello mate,i have Release 7 (Arcade Special is written under it) and above it it say's "on options 4 cabinet". I do have a friend who has reno and monte carlo, he runs an arcade in the town i live in, i'll try and speak with him about what the rom versions are, I'm pretty sure his monte has a crap game rom in it to though. But i won't know till i turn his machines on.Thanks for the update. Also i've seen some eprom strips on ebay (27C4001 4 meg) pack of 4, if you haven't got many spare i can buy these and send them to you if it helps?(well thats if there what you use for fruity's? let me know, Cheers Again Andy
Sep 06 2009 08:25 pm


Hey Andy. Let me know what version Monte Carlo or Bust you have there mate. It looks like I might be bagging some spares from a guy who is a technician at a localish arcade. If I'm lucky I will have release B in my possession in the next few weeks. So fingers crossed. Did you say your friend has a reno and monte gathering dust somewhere???? If he still has them can you get him to turn them on and find out what release they are if possible. Like I say let me know what release you have, as long as its not release 9 we should be ok for downgrading and getting you some better software soonish. Regards J
Sep 06 2009 05:43 pm