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#319855 Emuparadise - No more roms

Posted by wearecity on 12 August 2018 - 03:11 pm

I think coolroms have got rid of Nintendo ones but the rest are still live, I wonder when the fruit machine manufacturers will start. At least members like geddy and co have archived many 1000s of ROMs for future usage!!!


Not wishing to tempt fate, but I can't see them bothering. This is such a small scene, that I doubt they would consider it having any effect on their business/profits.


I can actually see why Nintendo, are pissed off. Current hardware of theirs being emulated, plus hardware not that long ago also being emulated and emulated well enough, to perhaps put people off buying their hardware. Plus of course they now have seen there is a market for retro gaming, with their mini system releases, being very popular.


I think people have pushed Nintendo from many years of considering action to actually taking action.

#319848 Arcadia Wdx (jpm) Mfme 2.0 1024

Posted by wearecity on 12 August 2018 - 12:35 pm

This is definitely an Impact tech machine, that could do with a MFME v6 layout makeover.

#319800 WIP - Spooky Hollow

Posted by wearecity on 09 August 2018 - 05:06 pm

A final WIP shot, got to do the reels and some lamp colours and perhaps a bit of reshaping. Hopefully out within the next 2 days.

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#319744 WIP - Spooky Hollow

Posted by wearecity on 07 August 2018 - 02:46 am

Yes another Epoch.


Spooky Hollow - Global Games, will be 30p £25 82%


BUT, BUT, BUT, this time we have sound. If anyone has a picture that would be great.

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#319708 {Epoch}Hubble Bubble

Posted by wearecity on 06 August 2018 - 12:43 am

File Name: Hubble Bubble

File Submitter: wearecity

File Submitted: 06 Aug 2018

File Category: Epoch



Hubble Bubble by Impulse Gaming
Set at 30p Play, £25 Jackpot 80% payout.
Machine is pretty much a clone of Hurricane.
Keys are ` = Collect/Cancel, 1 = Hold 2-3 = Holds/Hi/Lo, A = Auto Nudge, E = Exchange, Space = start 0 = Insert £1
Layout is mute (no sound rom available), no pictures available, so will not be an accurate layout of the real machine.
Thanks to Wizard for MFME, the person who sourced/uploaded the program roms. Reels are part made up by myself.



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Posted by wearecity on 05 August 2018 - 02:09 pm

Icons of 80's entertainment. My mates brother looks like one of them and they are always saying from me to you to him.


RIP Bazza

#319642 WIP (Epoch) - Italian Job 2 DX

Posted by wearecity on 03 August 2018 - 05:24 pm

Not yet finished. I might release a WIP version soon, as it's playable.

But I still need to do a lot of lamp work, which I don't have a lot of time for as away from pc at the moment.

#319607 WIP - Hubble Bubble

Posted by wearecity on 02 August 2018 - 09:15 am

Impulse Gaming - Epoch Tech - Hubble Bubble. £25 30p 80%


Going to be away from the PC most of the week, so thought I'd have a go at this while on my laptop.


Going to be mute, unless the sounds are hiding away somewhere. Also looking once again for any pics/vids of the machine. Pretty sure the reels will be fine, as we have several impulse releases already.


Hoping to have it completed within the week, perhaps slightly quicker if I can get hold of any pics/vids.

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#319602 {Epoch}Mr Muscle

Posted by wearecity on 01 August 2018 - 09:15 pm

File Name: Mr Muscle

File Submitter: wearecity

File Submitted: 01 Aug 2018

File Category: Epoch



Here's Mr Muscle a Maygay machine, on Epoch tech, set on 30p £25, with a minimum payout of 80%.
This machine is currently mute (no sound), no reel bands available, so the reel bands are part made up by myself and what is available within FME.
The machine layout may not be an accurate representation of the real machine, as there are currently no pictures/videos for reference.
If anyone gets feature 1 on the scoreboard let me know what it's called, as I've never seen it.
Layout will be updated, if further resources become available.
Usual shortcuts apply 0 - enter £1,  ` - Cancel, 1-3 - Holds, E - Exchange C - Collect, Space - Start. plus, F - Take Feature, S - Take Superboard, H - Take Cash
My ramblings.....
What started out as a break from Dx'ing The Italian Job (yes it's still coming and I have put more work into it also), turned into a determined mission of spending hours and hours, trying to work out the layout of machine, getting reels done and playing the damn thing, to try to find out the feature names etc, as the alpha isn't super helpful. Hopefully one day, we will see at least some images to get the layout correct. But I guess it's another unemulated machine, emulated.



Click here to download this file

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#319585 Mario Kart 64 layout

Posted by wearecity on 30 July 2018 - 02:44 pm

Great to see someone else having a go at creating.

Good luck and look forward to seeing the finished layout.

I'm sure some of the experienced DX'Rs will offer help and advice.

Ross has some videos that may help, they have greatly helped me with my first DX, which is still in wip.

#319530 WIP - Mr Muscle

Posted by wearecity on 28 July 2018 - 11:57 am

Mr Muscle by Maygay on Epoch tech. 30p £25.


I'm currently working blind on this one.


I would be grateful for any pictures/videos of this machine. It's also mute, so sounds would be good. Of course we also don't have the reel symbols and I'm not sure that we have certain symbols at all, like Epoch Maygay Plums.


Naturally, I have no idea of the layout of the machine, colours etc. I'm still missing some feature names etc (although I will eventually work them out even with pics).


I will eventually release it, but it will probably be a beta release, updated if resources become available.

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#319462 Hi Res photos

Posted by wearecity on 26 July 2018 - 07:47 am

Let's just say Innefection has been around long enough to know what is required to get a dx out of images.

It has been explained to them several times.

#319342 Request

Posted by wearecity on 23 July 2018 - 01:12 pm

£100 machine's do actually run, although they're only in " door open mode" atm due to being too new and no JP key within the emulator's release.

I was contemplating whether to release the £100jp Version of Right deal Right time, but could be on dodgy grounds, although in ye olde mfme 9.4/10.1 we did have machines that were only door open at the time and they were ok.

Yes £100 may run, but I was more talking the tech being too new and not emulated.

Don't see the point of releasing door open only layouts, because I highly doubt they will play as normal.

Plus it's not like I doubt we will never be able to play them in door closed mode.

I highly doubt at the moment Wizard would approve of their release either, otherwise they would have been implemented already.

#319337 Request

Posted by wearecity on 23 July 2018 - 08:42 am

Is the empire machine Midas touch and Jack in box emulated yet or are they not Compatible yet


Do you mean this Jack In the Box?


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#319335 Request

Posted by wearecity on 23 July 2018 - 08:26 am

Hi, it's too new, looks like it's built on Scorpion 6 technology.


The latest machines that can be done, are on Scorpion 5 tech and on a £70 jackpot, so machines released around 2013 or just into 2014 at a push. Then it will depend on whether the roms are available and high resolution pictures to make a DX.


We never in a million years, imagined we would be playing £70 jackpot machines one day on our PC's, so I don't think, it's never say never, but certainly, nowhere in the near future, unless someone produces another emulator.