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#320878 Arduino as pac-drive alternative?

Posted by majoris on 25 September 2018 - 08:01 pm

OK. I think that simple version for Arduino Uno is ready to publish.

Usage is very simple.

1. Run MFME 6.1
2. Start some game
3. Plug in Arduino to PC
4. Run Fruit Squeezer
5. Press Squeeze button
6. Choose COM port with Arduino connected
7. Press INIT button

All the boxes are editable. Ardu Pin collumn means Arduino Pin - can be changed.
Lamp collumn contains lamp number. Can be read from design mode if you need to put there some specific lamp.
After you type in your config fields, it shoud be saved, because after exiting the Fruit Squeezer all the changes will be lost.
Put a game name in a filemane field and press save. It will create a config file in a folder where Fruit Squeezer is placed.
The same method is for config loading. Nothing more to explain. Choose a file, press load and here it is.


Arduino code to upload:

void setup(){
   pinMode(1, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(2, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(3, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(4, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(5, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(6, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(7, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(8, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(9, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(10, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(11, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(12, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(13, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(14, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(15, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(16, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(17, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(18, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(19, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(20, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(21, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(22, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(23, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(24, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(25, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(26, OUTPUT);

 void loop() {
while (Serial.available() > 0) {
  int pin = Serial.parseInt();
  int value = Serial.parseInt();
  if (Serial.read() == 'x') {
      digitalWrite(pin, value);

Enjoy and take care :)



Soon I plan to add hopper payouts.

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#319122 How to recognize ROM - game, sound, video

Posted by majoris on 08 July 2018 - 09:57 am

Just a general question. I was trying to try to do my own classic layout, but the process starts on rom loading. So, I got the example package, and it occured that I don't know which file to put to each rom section.

So I'd like to know how layout creators do that, because some rom packages I have, contain ~30 files inside. Some of those files are game roms, some sound... etc.