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Old Machines That Need Updating!

11 January 2018 - 08:51 PM

As requested,to keep things in some sort of order old layouts that are in need of an updated.I think that most 1024 layouts need updating due to size and now with the ability to stretch layouts,but due to lack of clear flyers/HD photos this maybe impossible.


So with that said,If possible when posting up what layouts need updating can you post a picture of said machine(just in case someone has already got a better version)which will save time and effort redoing because some files may have got lost over time in the download section,not just on here but over on mecca.

If possible any new resources that are available for an updated layout(maybe harder for some members as dont have access to such resources) but if you know anyone that can help e.g have fruit machines ask for hd photo etc to help with updates.

I know theres a few over on mecca that have some nice old machines in there collection.(for HD photos :skeptical: )











New Electrocoins Bar X 7even

08 January 2018 - 09:13 PM

Well apart from this guy getting excited  about the Bar X 7even,frightening to think how the old machine are getting revamped with new tech.

I mean able to transfer money from the bank!! in to credits,ya ok it was going to happen as progress moves with the times but whats next???

and also i have noticed (well in the arcade near me)that theres a computer now that the staff always messing with it i guess this is to have in real time whats happening with each big jackpots machines, Cash in, Cash out etc. so does that mean they can monitor these aswell?

You need to have some trusting staff that wont tip the hawkers off!!





Electrocoins Quicksilver Bar X 7even Special 25

06 January 2018 - 09:14 PM

Electrocoins Quicksilver Bar X 7even Special £25  do these roms play different to Electrocoins  Bar X 7even?

Or do they run the same but are set a different percentage?

Attached File  Electrocoins Quicksilver Bar X 7even Special 25 F.jpg   169.8KB   2 downloads


sorry about image on side cant rotate it,

Machine id Please!

03 January 2018 - 09:13 PM

Long shot this one,Played a machine back in early 1990s be about same time as ace coin,hi de hi etc and  monte carlo or bust was out all on £4.80 jackpots. This machine again was video based possible mp4 video, it had a monkey theme and if i remember correctly upon getting a jackpot or at the end of a feature, am sure it said. "aint no business like monkey business"

Only ever seen and played on one. the only search that as turned up something is this,


(I remember back in the early 90's playing Aristocrat games like Lions Share (10 free spins for getting 3 lions). Monkey Business (3 free spins for getting green, yellow or red monkeys on the first 2 reels. The reels hold for the spins kinda like Sweethearts II). Plus another game called Double It. The first 2 reels had "2X" symbols which would multiply wins by 2x or 4x)


But not sure it the one???


Jog anyone's memory?



Happy birthday?

01 January 2018 - 11:40 AM

To one of are oldest members at 107 years old badboyreturns. Ya right!!!

There does seem to be a lot of birthdays today. Mmmm!!!!