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#321792 {Scorpion 4}Club Bullseye 250 DX

Posted by evo1 on 17 October 2018 - 07:45 pm

Thank you Vecs top job there from a picture,also thanks to who ever took the picture of the machine in the first place (if they come on here). Picture is also uploaded now in gallery to download from your game manager. 

#321707 {MPU4 Video}Barquest 10 Swp - Dx

Posted by evo1 on 14 October 2018 - 07:00 pm

Well here goes to show how thick i am LOL Talk about money spinners back in the day in a pub,a load of pissed up lads all around this thing thinking they can win a tenner. Cant do the thing when got a normal head.


Thanks Vecs. 

#321616 Any Requests for me to Dx

Posted by evo1 on 11 October 2018 - 08:58 pm

Nice one Vecs for taken on something new. Never played this one in the wild but if its like the other SWP machines i will be shit,and notice how these always ended up in pubs. So you would get aled up have ago and try and win.

#321615 EE & Giffgaff advice please

Posted by evo1 on 11 October 2018 - 08:53 pm

Iv been on giffgaff since the start and never looked back giffgaff runs on 02 network and am sure that tesco does aswell. am sure you can cheak 02's coverage somewere on internet.

i went to north wales not long ago for a week and all round had good 4g.


Sorry cant give any advice on EE though.

#321355 My Public Fruit-Emu apology

Posted by evo1 on 06 October 2018 - 07:53 pm

Nice thought here,but no need to apologize for me really,i thought that was what a forum was for discussion and agreements/disagreements. This is how problems that arise get sorted hopefully.


On another note banning you would of been wrong. We are trying to get new members not push them away. ;)  

#321260 MachineBase! New way to find and download exactly the Layout that you want!

Posted by evo1 on 05 October 2018 - 08:40 pm

yeah you can download a very limited ammount if ya dont pay your subs,they should be totally freely available not just on certain sites if you get my meaning!

Ya i understand there,but is that not per day? But again we cant just simply have a hit and run thing going on or it will end up with a possible VIP area where creators will upload there work and unless you donate no access or no layout been made at all. We really dont want to go down that route.

#321256 MachineBase! New way to find and download exactly the Layout that you want!

Posted by evo1 on 05 October 2018 - 08:18 pm

No layout creators have asked for money and you can come here and desert island and download for FREE what pisses people off is that layouts take time to create  and wizards time and effort in keep updating FME with NO CASH exchanged then there sites that do cost money to run and with the generous of people donating (If they wish) help towards this. 

In my eyes this keeps people away from the site. It is a good tool that would be useful in/on a forum but not like that.


I had a thought the other day of cause there are members over at mecca the own some really nice gems which we dont have in FME land paying for photos of them and along as the roms are available everyones a winner but wheres the money coming from??? Out of funds made by people yet again who have a love for the scene. Just to be taken without as much as a thanks.

#321243 MachineBase! New way to find and download exactly the Layout that you want!

Posted by evo1 on 05 October 2018 - 06:13 pm


Unlikely, the second something comes along that could do it, no one appears to want it. Doesn't make sense to me.


In fact, it's not that no one appears to want it, it's like they actively want to stop the scene becoming better.

Dont think anyone wants the scene to stop getting bigger. We want to,like i said before encourage people to get involved and this software doesn't help in anyway it just bypasses the sites completely.

I think the other fact is that you are a new member?? that seems to know a lot about FME and coming into the scene and dropping this on everyone without some sort of, getting feedback on your idea's and not getting permission of anyone about using there stuff.


Neophyte hit on the head when he said


"mfme layout downloads are in a shocking state across 3/4 sites"

Maybe that,yes an update on fruit emu is need to update the downloads and looking at a new way into search into downloads to say find all tommy c's or vectra's layouts plus add a new mfme 6 section but this is going to take time and someone behind the site to complete.

#321231 MachineBase! New way to find and download exactly the Layout that you want!

Posted by evo1 on 05 October 2018 - 11:14 am

Sites like this rely on donations to help with the upkeep and encouraging people to use software would bypass the site completely and with no donations etc coming sites would close and there would no were to download/upload to.
As for charging people to download it's not going to work as we need to encourage people to come to such sites and maybe help out with resources etc.
We don't want to be in a place were creators stop making layouts to be given out like this.

#321204 Cash Classic 4.80 (classic layout)

Posted by evo1 on 04 October 2018 - 06:39 pm

Maygay clone of this???



Attached File  Maygay Cash Pack F.jpg   284.1KB   1 downloads


either way both great machines,will have a play on this when its done.


#320870 MFME6 Layouts

Posted by evo1 on 25 September 2018 - 06:09 pm

Well after you released Fortune Trail i thought that would be it for a while. Then BANG!! you've hit us with another cracker. Even though am over 40 which i don't like saying,i never seen this one/play it,so its a bonus for me. JPM at its best.

Thanks go to:



Nick Sulzer

Road Runner

and  yourself Ploggy as ever.

#320503 New Flyers Upload

Posted by evo1 on 08 September 2018 - 08:19 pm

I THANK YOU very much indeed its what am short of i have hardly any, i have a few from riche100 over at mecca but are watermarked and from Spa's google drive plus i dont like asking people really,as we all live busy lives

#320350 {IMPACT}Jpm's Go for Gold 15 Dx (Updated for Mfme6.1)

Posted by evo1 on 01 September 2018 - 07:00 pm

Thanks again for the update Vecs.

#320349 {IMPACT}Jpm's Arcadia 15/25p Dx

Posted by evo1 on 01 September 2018 - 06:53 pm

Thanks Vecs nice to see layouts getting update treatment and yet another example of some great work here. 

#320348 {MPU5}Barcrests Alien 0.3 Dx

Posted by evo1 on 01 September 2018 - 06:43 pm

This really shows how much the bar has been raised in fme and with the right resources,its picture perfect.


Thanks to Tommy for the layout and Mort for the resources.