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Cashino Empty??

29 May 2007 - 03:44 pm

hey guys,
quick question really, me and my gf went to the arcade's in Flexistow last tue, She isn't much of a gamerbler but i made her put a 20 in the Chashino machine because of its eay gameplay, and i went on the rainbow riches machines.

Anyway i did very very well put around 30 in and got the bronze put and then the next spin rolled in around 250 so i was well chuffed!! lol
back to the point really my girlfriend was on cashino and she just kept winning, getttin 40 plus each time even getting 220 in 4 spins She was on it for around Half hour and got up to around 340 on her original 20 bet so i said come on let go!! (the hardest thing eva to say) so we sat there while the machine emptied.

When it got to around 30 it said call attendant we owe you 30. So we called the attendant ova and they gave us our 30, i thought perhaps the machine got some 1's stuck inside it but it turned out that the machine was empty......

I allwayz thought that any fruit/ games machine always had to have (By Law) a certain amount of money in the tubes???????

Just wondered what u guys thought...

No Vivid machines?

13 June 2005 - 04:25 pm

hi, just wondering you no-one emulates vivid machines for? is it because of copyright of=r somthing eles? i would like to know coz vivid machines are da dogs b***lks. thanks