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New and hello! Slight trouble with my barcrest

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Posted 03 June 2018 - 10:30 am

Hey guys, new here =) I recently purchased a barcrest Indiana Jones raiders of the lost ark. We had it delivered and moved it up a flight of stairs. It must have been well not damaged but it wasn't the gentler of procedures! The guy was a bit heavy handed but I don't blame him because I'm a bit of a wimp (was carrying from the top and the things are bloody heavy so I'm rather grateful he did!) But anyways upshot is that when I switch it on I don't get lamps down the left, right, or bottom of board. Most of the lights are out except for the middle ish section. Now I had a fiddle round and reinserted the game board, made sure all connections were tight etc and it did work for a bit. After changing some bulbs I turned it off and now the sections are not working again. (The machine in question is a barcrest hi lo silver with indie decals and game board. Red gaming is the brand but I think it's barcrest.) Now after fiddling around, resetting psi, checking connections, and so I still can't get all the lamps to work. I did read somewhere that large sections of lights don't work if the door is open so I checked the wiring on door switch to be sure.

Anyways, after reading about I found that I only have one working led on the MUX. The status lamps are all fine and the blink light on MUX is all normal. But the solid led is not on or even working. I reseated the fuses and still no game. So at this point I am inclined to believe a fuse needs replacing on MUX. I did think faulty connection (which is backed up by the fact it did work for a time) but I can't bloody find one. Is a short happening on the board which Is causing the solid led light not to work and preventing the lamps from firing? I am Kind of a bit lost! I am grateful for any help you can provide me. I am currently thinking =

1. Short on MUX
2. Faulty connection
3. Blown fuse ? Seems less likely
4. Faulty PSU
5. Faulty bridge rectifier?

I am a bit new to all this so sorry if it's vague. I'm betting on one of the first three but like I say I'm new and past a bit of fiddling don't know what to do unless I'm specifically looking. I am a fast learner though, so any help you can provide on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

All the best,

(A new) Fruitmachinefixer xxx

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