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Scorpion 6

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#1 jon2007



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Posted 17 January 2018 - 11:25 pm

Now mfme 6 has been out a few weeks will we start seeing the scorpion 6 £70 jps no rush just wondering

#2 TommyC


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Posted 17 January 2018 - 11:28 pm

Nope wizard has said many times that scorpion 6 wasn't in the new mfme.

Hold the bells mate.

#3 renoufchr


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Posted 17 January 2018 - 11:47 pm

scorp6 is current tech you have like a 0.1% chance of seeing that anytime soon in mfme 

#4 dodge1974



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Posted 18 January 2018 - 02:38 pm

Anyone know if the the astra party games and monopoly can be done  (the ones with the tv screens for the board thanks

#5 Reg



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Posted 18 January 2018 - 04:30 pm

S6 is encrypted anyway.


Somebody in the know would have to provide a serious amount of technical information.  IE - load in an S5 rom into a hex editor and then an S6 rom, see the difference.

Right - back to work.

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#6 jon2007



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Posted 18 January 2018 - 08:53 pm

Ok many thanks so what's in the new mfme sorry I maybe thick

#7 renoufchr


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Posted 19 January 2018 - 04:54 pm

v6.0 Fixes and Changes
Prevent Layout Notes Clear from setting Layout Changed
Moved "Use File Names in Manager" from prefs to Display menu in Manager
Fixed issue with bit test instruction in Epoch ( Club Coronation Street )
Fixed issue with 7 Seg Displays in Epoch (  Club Coronation Street )
Fixed issue with Type 2 Hoppers in S4 ( Pacman Plus etc )
Fixed Hopper 3 Issue on Union Games MPU4 change to Hopper 8
Fixed Issue on MDM Body Match change to Hopper 7 for both Hoppers to work
Added config options to Blackbox ( for 4 reel clubbers )
Fixed Sample Sound Rate for MPU4 ( Road Hog etc )
Fixed Lamp Extender for SpACE
Improved Adder5 performance
Added basic Autoplay functionality ( runs a repeatable selection of key presses to simulate real play )
Samples are now added on the fly to the sample player
Added Vertical Monitor setting for M1Video
Fixed issue with Set Window Size in edit mode when scroll bars visible
Default and Configurable switch settings added to BFM Sys85
Added Tok coin mask to SYS1
Added Reel bounce to SYS1
Added 2p/Tok coin mask to SYS85
Added reel bounce to SYS85
Added watchdog reset to SYS85
Added support for SystemA1 Hokey Cokey and Bullion Bars Multiplayers
Added support for multiplayer loading .gam files ( Use alt L on master to link the games, alt U to unlink and alt S to save multiplayer gam. Quit using ctrl Q )
Added ability to Hide game files so they won't appear in manager db, even after a full scan
Fixed Sound issue with MPU4 Bolt From The Blue
Fixed Pac Drive Initialisation issue
Fixed Sound issue with M1a Tick Tock Cash
Added Comms Status Messages to ccTalk
Fixed SEC reset on S4
Fixed Timer scaler on S4
All techs now support PAC Drive and Effects
Fixed MMM Triac issue
Fixed Z80 CTC bug
Added PCL MAXI tech
Fixed loading of group files with borders
Fixed a lamp issue on S2/S4/S5 that affected dimming
Fixed a reel led issue
Added Alt-P to start/stop Autoplay
Fixed Sys1 token meter
Added Disc Reel transparent image option
Right click menu option added to Manager to run a game in a new Instance
Added coin in, coin accepted, coin rejected, hopper motor, hopper coin and button down/up effects to all techs ( Enabled via prefs )
Fixed some bad hopper timings
Datapak output added to ACE SYS1
Adjusted ACE SYS1 timings to match Slow ROMs jumper
All ACE SYS 1 reels are now 240 Half Steps, Full/Half Step added to config, 24 Stop reels use Full Step, 16 Stop reels use Half Step
Fixed bug in BWB MPU4 bank switching
Fixed some Component List update issues
Manager RAM backup now copies both the RAM and the GAM file to a local directory called RAMBackup
Fixed some Electrocoin Phoenix issues ( Crown Jester now runs )
Added Phoenix Token coin mask and inhibit lamps
Rearranged the coin mask drop down list to group similar items together
Added reel bounce to Phoenix
Added Config item for BWB SPACE serial dongle
Fixed IMPACT interupt issue ( Football Fever now runs ok )
Fixed a 6840 timer issue ( maybe a datasheet error ? ) and now MPU4 Ghostbusters runs ok
Fixed MPU5 bus timeout issue ( Fixes Barmy Army Roll Even reset )
Fixed MPU5 reel jumper config
Added option to set meter effects from meter settings in config
Fixed Epoch reel opto issue ( Fixes Casino Crazy Streak )
Added option to enter Manager by clicking top left of screen in Full Screen Modes, or top left of layout in Borderless Mode
Added MPU4 Coinworld security ( Cash Cops, Bear Climber, Criss Cross Crazy now work )
Added Proconn Coinworld security ( Bear Streak and Bear X now work )
Fixed z80 SIO bug ( Fixes Proconn Datapak output )
Added inhibit lamps to S2
DefaultSounds and DefaultMasks folders must be moved to the folder containing MFME.exe
Fixed S2 issue playing a sample that is not present ( Fixes MDM Gold Reserve )
Manager text fields played, Total In, Total Out, Percentage and Status changed to Right Justified
Master Volume added that uses Shift +/- or Numpad +/- to adjust games volume and store value in .gam file, removed individual volume sliders in Config
Added Meter and Triac diag prints for ACE SpACE and also inhibit lamps
Added ability to have different default sounds for each tech ( Place sound files in DefaultSounds\Tech folder )
Added new 50p EPOCH Coin Mask
Copy/Paste Text/Font now copies all Off/On1/On2/On3/On4 parts of a Lamp
All Text elements of a component are now Unicode
You can now click through the magnifier to press buttons etc
Fixed character alarms and banked sound in German MPU4 Video games
Fixed issue with F6 ( Random Game ) in Full Screen Modes
Dont allow setting both Shortcuts of a component to the same Key
Prevent certain Shortcut Keys like Shift/Ctrl/PageUp/PageDown etc from triggering in Edit Mode
Fixed another issue when loading groups from file that contain Borders
Fixed issue with Group All when layout contains Borders
Fixed Disc reel issue when set to more than 16 lamps (only one lamp per position is supported in this case)
Added support for Concept Electrocoin games
Removed DIP2 from Electrocoin Config ( Second switch is to set DataPak Baud Rate )
Added second BFM Token coin mask
Fixed crash in Ten Quid Grid MPU4 Video, adjusted some timings
Fixed Refresh/Redrawing issues in Debugger
Changed fine component positioning using cursor keys to use Alt or Shift key ( was Left Mouse Button )
Added Datapak Output to Castle Techs
Changed Payout Effect Names to Actual Names ie 10p Slide, Token Slide etc, and added Misc Slide
Removed Sound ROM Banking option from MPU4 Config screen, now autodetected
Added Cabinet Style to MPU4, MPU5, S4, S5 and Adder5 configs to provide different default hopper sounds for Rio, Genesis and Eclipse cabs
Added Hopper support to spACE
Added Reel bounce to spACE and ACE SYS1
Adjusted Electrocoin interupt timings ( Guesswork as no schematics available )
Lamps can now have up to 8 entries
Overlapping lamps now supported, set blend to true to enable it, use Lamp mask creator to set positions of each individual lamp
Auto config added to PAC Drive page, set the shortcut keys to the default output for that function and when a layout is loaded, it will configure the lamp numbers
  by finding the lamp associated with that key
Added MPU5 Showtime Disable option
Added misc tool to delete unused bitmaps from layout ( ones where no lamp number is specified )
Fixed Dutch Impact Games ( Indiana Jones )
Added Payout/Meter features to PAC config
Fixed crash when shutting down PC while MFME is running
Automatically clear readonly status if only 1 instance of MFME running, so ctrl-w has been removed
Fixed occasional Mux Selects ALM on MPU4
Fixed M1a/b Triac reporting
Fixed lamp issue on Global Chequered Flag
Added negative slant to 7 seg properties
Random game now picks from the manager filtered list
Fixed MPU5 lamp issue affecting King KerChing
Mouse reel dragging made a lot smoother
Fixed Astra Multi Player comms issue
Support for the old dat layout format removed, use v5.1 to convert to fml format
Added seperate sounds for Hopper 2
Added publish layout option to lock Caption and Notes, so they are no longer editable
Added ability to add a Bitmap image to the Notes Window
Fixed crash when using Clear on a Bitmap in properties
Colour copying will now only apply to components of the same type

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