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JPM Snakes & Ladders DIL/DIP Switch Fault?

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#1 g555xtc



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Posted 17 September 2017 - 08:43 pm

Hi all,


I recently acquired a 1996 JPM/Crystal Snakes and Ladders Impact. All seemed to be working fine, only an error 8.3, where the battery was flat and I replaced it, luckily no leakage! And an error 1.9 coin mech, but is intermittent and plays fine.


So heres the new problem: I was flicking some of the DIL or DIP switches, whichever they're called to change the stake and payout, but there are 2 sets, the one on the mother board and another on the side near the reels. The machine is now stuck on the mode where it doesn't 'attract' with the lamp display and LCD messages when there are no credits and just has all dimly lit bulbs and snakes and ladders displayed on the LCD screen (DIL no5) according to the manual. This is when i flick it both ON and OFF. Could it be broken, how on earth do you fix DIL switches, seems like a big job or am I just missing something simple? I've reset the machine and still doesn't shift from this mode. 


Would really appreciate some advice on the JPM Impact era as have a few of these machines now, albeit one is by ACE, but obviously same parts. And also advice on how to actually change the stake and jackpot as the other DIL switch set doesn't seem to work, when I flip them, error code 5.5 comes up (invalid mode of play).


Thanks a lot. 

#2 Twostroker



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Posted 25 September 2017 - 01:45 pm

Can you duplicate the switch settings from another one of your jpm machines...just to check the numerical order? Are you sure it's the OCD inhibit switch?

The invalid method of play might be because not all combinations are possible e.g. 5p on £250 jackpot or 30p on £5 jackpot. Some times you can't change prize and stake if there's a duel stakes switched on also.

#3 g555xtc



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Posted 12 October 2017 - 06:57 pm

Hi, thanks for the reply. I managed to sort it now. Strangely the manual said the last two DIL switches didn't do anything, but they do, turned them both on and the desired settings for all other switches turned active. 

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