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Cashflow 126 woes and good cable if anyone needs one...

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Posted 03 September 2017 - 10:11 am

Hi all,


If you read a previous post I made I had been having problems with my Cashflow 126 not accepting £1 coins.


It used to, so it wasn't a programming error.


The strange thing was that the Cashflow would direct the coin into the correct hopper (so it was recognising it) but MFME wouldn't give me the credits because the Cashflow wasn't pulsing the Coin Output.


So, I found another Cashflow 126 on eBay and bought that.


Then came the next problem.... 


I had wired my previous Cashfow in using single 'breadboard' wires which I've connected together to get the right length. I never liked this as it wasn't a particularly robust approach so I tried to find a proper connector for the 17-way plug on the coin mech. I searched high and low. I found the actual connectors (with no crimps or wires) and I found the crimps but the crimping tools was £'hundreds.


I went to electronics / remote control forums to see if I could find someone who was willing to crimp 21 wires (17 for the main connector and 4 for the routing plug) for me and send them to me for a few bob but to no avail.


Eventually I found this place... http://mektekinternational.com/


They sell a loomed cable called the X3 which is meant to be used to program a Cashflow 126. 


I bought one of these and chopped off the programming end, then re-attached it with crimps so that I could connect the cable to terminals.


Now I have a 'proper' connector on my cashflow (so a LOT easier to remove and send away in future if coins change or it fails) and it also has the necessary plug on it for programming (if I needed it for anything - probably won't).


So thought I'd post the link to the site in case anyone else is looking for a pre-made lead that will go in to a Cashflow 126 (or any other coin mech as they have wiring looms for them all).




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