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Vivid - Giant Gems - Door switch wiring

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Posted 29 August 2017 - 10:48 pm

Hi folks,


Recently picked up a Giant Gems/Vivid for 99p on ebay - I've fixed most of the problems it had but having some issues with door switches.  I have fitted 2 new cherry switches to make sure they will work.  I have also replaced the refill lock.  The door switches have all been cut and it seems it's all wired to one switch which acts as open/closed when pressed, which is behind the top door lock.


I have used the standard Barcrest wiring for the bottom door switch (there are 2 oranges though so not sure which is which) but confused with top door... Near the top lock is a switch underneath that acts as if all the doors are closed when pressed (I haven't replaced the service lock for this yet but does trigger open/closed when pressed).  The wires in the photo are for the top door cherry switch and if I move them around a bit, the machine reboots - so I'm confident they are working.  There are 2 of each cable which is confusing me, I'm unsure which to use?  Also there is a green cable in amongst them... The refill lock isn't working when the doors are closed (when the switch is pressed down behind the lock) and he other blue/orange wire goes to the switch behind the lock that is triggering door open/closed.


I wouldn't bother re-wiring the doors as I can use it with open or closed - however, I can't use the refill key and also can't seem to enter test mode.  I press the test button (machine beeps then displays credits) then a hidden secondary switch underneath the reels, but doesn't go any further (have tried this the other way round to no avail)... Also can't dump hopper etc.


Pics are:


1 - Cabinet

2 - Top door cherry switch cabling

3 - Refill lock and other 2 cables that go to the switch behind top service lock

4 - Bottom door cherry switch (I'm assuming this is correct as machine reboots when I touch the top door wires - either that, or it's shorting somewhere)


Any help will be appreciated so I can actually use it properly - cheers  :radar:

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