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Project Amber Update - September

Oct 26 2014 01:32 AM | Guitar in Site News

In the words of Paul Daniels "Not A Lot" describes what's been happening with Amber lately. So I'll tell you the full plans instead.   However, the next few weeks look more promising regarding available time. MPU4 is working nicely, requiring only...

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Epoch Emulator - September 2014 Update

Oct 02 2014 09:34 PM | killcrazy in Site News

Evening all, time for an update on the Epoch emulator!!  Sorry it's been a while!  I've been quietly busy on the emulator for the last 2 months and have made some big changes and tidy-ups!!   The biggest change has been to the rendering...

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fruit-machine-sales.com - future?

Sep 10 2014 10:03 AM | aaamusements in Site News

Have arrived at something of a crossroads with the http://www.fruit-machine-sales.com site, as there is a completely new version of the software available: https://www.phpprobid.com/demo The problem is that no one uses the site at present, and so com...

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Take Note 500 Wdx

A wdx of bellfruits take note set to 50p/£500 jackpot,this is the first dx i have created whilst on this new windows 8 pc so i'm not so sure about it,the flyer was okish.   thanks to andy1 for the classic and vectra for the flyer he send me with lines removed. Use mfme 9.4 as it pay uni...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Nov 11 2014 03:10 PM 145

MFME 2.1

Now finally uploaded to this site, don,tknow why it hasn,t been added before. hope it runs ok.  read more...
Emulators Nov 05 2014 10:24 PM 92

ClubWise 150/20p Dx for Mfme

     PLAYS IN MFME 2.1 ONLY!!!! as hi lo reel errors in mfme3.1/3.2   Here's the other Jackpot version of this clubber Clubwise £150/20p,  Cashwise's elder brother lol. the same thanks go out to the £100 version and also thankyou to the uploader of the...  read more...
Scorpion 1 Nov 04 2014 10:53 PM 57

Bfm's ClubWise 100Jp for MFME

     THIS WILL ONLY PLAY IN MFME 2.1 as hi lo climb errors in mfme3.1 & 3.2!!!!!    Mfme 2.1 now available within this site via emulators.   A dual Jackpot release from me tonight in the form of this classic clubber from Bfm Clubwise  this is the MFME v...  read more...
Scorpion 1 Nov 04 2014 10:47 PM 33

bfm jackpot

this is bfms jackpot by   * re release 
BFMulator DX Layouts Oct 23 2014 05:52 AM 56


this is bellfruits clubwise from dad     edit by bb * re release  read more...
BFMulator DX Layouts Oct 22 2014 08:36 PM 77

Thunderbirds Club 250jp 1024Wdx

 Here is Jpm's Thunderbirds Club £250jp which I converted a while back from Jpmemu  and redid for Mfme  in my own lighting etc . Thanks goto Mort for his original Jpmemu layout which this is based on and for the use of 90% of the lamping positions and...  read more...
Impact Oct 15 2014 09:54 PM 256

Cashino Classic

Huge thanks to Louie Bee for providing the roms for this great game and also for the photos/reel photos which made things easier . Also to Ploggy for his input  Only thing I am stuck with is the super 6 bit. Now you get 6 and it does nothing!  read more...
MPS Sep 28 2014 08:09 PM 47

TakeTwo 4.80jp 1024Dx

You wait for a while for a layout then along comes three releases in a day, two by the Captain and this from me. A all time favourite of mine, one of which I,ve been asking for from when I first found this site. Barcrest's Taketwo the brother of SuperTwo a time when machines were a joy to play an...  read more...
MPU 4 Sep 23 2014 10:13 PM 114

Red White and Blue 20p

Here's red white and blue 20p play £6 jackpot - many thanks to orchid for the rom and for drawing the feature symbols  All shortcuts as usual with R for the for the feature - runs best on MFME 3.2  read more...
PROCONN Sep 23 2014 07:45 PM 59

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