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fruit-machine-sales.com - future?

Sep 10 2014 10:03 AM | aaamusements in Site News

Have arrived at something of a crossroads with the http://www.fruit-machine-sales.com site, as there is a completely new version of the software available: https://www.phpprobid.com/demo The problem is that no one uses the site at present, and so com...

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FME time-warp logins!

May 10 2014 04:33 PM | Daryl in Site News

I just looked at the members signed in and it was like viewing as I used too over a decade ago! It's nice to see some old FME characters back... it is also great to be debating FME again with such passion, which sadly it has lost over the last few yea...

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Apr 02 2014 04:36 PM | ploggy in Site News

File Name: Cops 'N' Robbers Sys83 DX File Submitter: ploggy File Submitted: 02 Apr 2014 File Category: Project Amber   Here's the official release for the original Sys83 version of Cops 'N' Robbers for Amber.  The first British Sys83 machine...

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Latest Releases
  Title and Description Category Release Date Downloads

Cashino Classic

Huge thanks to Louie Bee for providing the roms for this great game and also for the photos/reel photos which made things easier . Also to Ploggy for his input  Only thing I am stuck with is the super 6 bit. Now you get 6 and it does nothing!  read more...
MPS Sep 28 2014 08:09 PM 30

TakeTwo 4.80jp 1024Dx

You wait for a while for a layout then along comes three releases in a day, two by the Captain and this from me. A all time favourite of mine, one of which I,ve been asking for from when I first found this site. Barcrest's Taketwo the brother of SuperTwo a time when machines were a joy to play an...  read more...
MPU 4 Sep 23 2014 10:13 PM 77

Red White and Blue 20p

Here's red white and blue 20p play £6 jackpot - many thanks to orchid for the rom and for drawing the feature symbols  All shortcuts as usual with R for the for the feature - runs best on MFME 3.2  read more...
PROCONN Sep 23 2014 07:45 PM 49

Red White and Blue

Here's a new project coin game - red white and blue 5p play £6 jackpot - many thanks to orchid for the rom and for drawing the feature symbols  All shortcuts as usual with R for the for the feature - runs best on MFME 3.2  read more...
PROCONN Sep 23 2014 07:07 AM 23

bars and bells test

this is a layout by hit the six   edit* this is a reupload layout due to the orginal one going faulty and members couldn't download it  read more...
Impact Sep 14 2014 11:24 AM 59

Club Take Note 500 Classic

Here we have the £500 version of Club Take Note, there are two different versions in the zip the gam file that says club take note is set to 30p play £500 Jackpot and the game file that says club take notealt is set to 50p play £500. Thanks go to the rom provider. Thanks go to...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Sep 12 2014 10:08 PM 70

Up Down Nudger (bellfruit) 1024Dx

Next up from me is this lo-tech scorp1 machine from bellfruit . One I've never see let alone played before. So I give a BIG thankyou to Spa for ALL the resources for this, from the roms he and others obtained from a Northampton raid to his classic layout and finally for the photo's he upload...  read more...
Scorpion 1 Sep 09 2014 09:06 PM 78

Manhattan Skylines(Maygay) 4.80jp 1024Wdx

 Almost my 2nd anniversary dx'ing so why not release this all time classic from Maygay, Manhattan Skylines. I've been want this layout for ages since I saw Retrofruit's WIP over @the mecca. I had a few photo's on my lappy for this machine so finally got around to putting this together....  read more...
M1A Aug 30 2014 06:55 PM 119

Terminator (Jpm) 6 1024Wdx

Next up from me is this Jpm System5 machine Terminator, why the machine's got this name I don't know as there's no reference to the film apart from the machine name. This is quite a fun machine with a fair bit going on. The 3 mixed bars triggers feature part don't know why its says 3 and 9 as it...  read more...
System 5 Aug 17 2014 08:46 PM 166

Mazooma's Revolver 15 1024Wdx

Next up is a machine by Myself and Tommy C  called Revolver by Mazooma, unfortunately there isn,t the correct sounds in this layout so it's a mute one for now maybe they'll turn up one day.  I give thanks to the original classic layout creator Bruce George from which I gained the lampin...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Aug 11 2014 08:20 PM 179

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