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Apr 02 2014 04:36 PM | ploggy in Site News

File Name: Cops 'N' Robbers Sys83 DX File Submitter: ploggy File Submitted: 02 Apr 2014 File Category: Project Amber   Here's the official release for the original Sys83 version of Cops 'N' Robbers for Amber.  The first British Sys83 machine...

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Project Amber Ideas Thread

Mar 10 2014 03:28 PM | Guitar in Site News

If anyone has any comments / ideas for Project Amber's future, please post here.   With the imminent conversion of the techs to C++ if I can include any new features as part of the conversion then it will be better than adding stuff in at a later...

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Usernames for Facebook members

Mar 08 2014 09:14 PM | Daryl in Site News

If you're on Facebook... tell us who you are!

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Stake Prize And Percentage Switchable Key Settings

Settings for the four most commonly used stake, prize, and percentage switchable key providers (Coinection, Gold Rush, Sudo-Happ, and Bell-Fruit) out there.  read more...
Miscellaneous Apr 16 2014 11:50 AM 14


Here's an Amber conversion from my MFME layout I did a while back.  A nice little machine from Union Games which takes a few quid to get going then goes nuts   Thanks to Guitar for checking it over and making a couple of adjustments.   Hope you enjoy it.      read more...
Project Amber Apr 11 2014 09:24 PM 59

Partytime amber

with special thank to guitar for all his help   and ploggy for finding me the pound coin tube sensor   and to the orginal dxer of the layout retrofruit   the shortcuts are the same as the mmfe version enjoy     and this should be online very soon as well  read more...
Project Amber Apr 11 2014 08:17 PM 65

Club Viva Mexico 1024Wdx

Here is a south American themed fruity by the name of Club Viva (El) Mexico, a crazy fruit type clone.  Thanks goto the original creator of the 1280dx edition fruitworkz maybe for the lamping positions, 98% of them, And to the flyer/scan uploader Samson81 of which I used the flyer....  read more...
Scorpion 4 Apr 11 2014 06:27 PM 97

Big Goulies

With Special thanks to guitar   and the orginal dxer of this fruitworks aka deathclaw   the shortcuts are a standard to mmfe   but the sortcuts for the nudge gamble side or h for higer and j for low   the cash side is f for higher and g for lower    and press c twice...  read more...
Project Amber Apr 09 2014 08:47 PM 91

Cops 'N' Robbers Sys83 DX

Here's the official release for the original Sys83 version of Cops 'N' Robbers for Amber.  The first British Sys83 machine emulated!   Huge thanks goes out to Guitar for getting System83 emulated on Amber, and also technical assistance whilst making the layout.  And also huge thank...  read more...
Project Amber Apr 02 2014 04:36 PM 167

Blue Moon

This nice looking release is for amber   with special thanks for guitar and ploggy for the techinal help you too are stars   and of course pook for his orginal release    the button shortcuts are the same as the mmfe version   i hope you enjoy it   piccy will follow...  read more...
Project Amber Apr 01 2014 09:03 PM 61

Thunderbird (Barcrest) 1024/1280 Dx

Ok here is a Dx I have wanted to do for a long time its Thunderbird from Barcrest You have 2 Dx layouts to download a 1024 and 1280 so something for everyone to enjoy Ok now time for the thank you list First Pick a Win from Mr P's website he sent over some great photos of...  read more...
MPU 5 Mar 29 2014 10:06 PM 203

Club65 Special 10p/100 1024wdx mfme2.0

                         THIS PLAYS IN MFME 2.0 ONLY!!!!!!!!  not sure about mfme3.2 as haven,t got it lol.   Here is the early jackpot version of Club65 special, Than...  read more...
Scorpion 1 Mar 24 2014 09:31 PM 108

Lockbuster 1024Wdx

  Here is another scorp4 bellfruit from me in the form of Lockbuster, this was originally released by Tommy C one of his very early releases his 5th I think and with his permission I'm releasing this newer version so thanks to Tommy for that, Thanks go out to Samson81 for the hi-res flyer sc...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Mar 19 2014 10:49 PM 252

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