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  • Submitted: Jul 07 2018 07:32 pm
  • Last Updated: Jul 08 2018 11:05 am
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  • 07 Jul 2018 Download Mazooma's Classic Seven's 25 Dx

Download Mazooma's Classic Seven's 25 Dx 6.1

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Next up from me is this Red Hot X clone by mazooma Classic Seven's.
  Now there's a slight problem with the layout and thats the speed of the top feature reels when you get the classic seven feature. For some reason they spin very slow i thought it was due to the dimming of the outer lamps but i deleted them for another unlit version but it still span the same, so when you're on the top feature and you get jackpot you might want to make a cup of tea whilst its counting the bank up etc, apart from that its all good as in the base reels spin at normal speed.
 Maybe Wizard may comment as to why they are running far slower than they should be.
 You'll notice the "nudge now" lamp isn't clear like the 1,2,3 lamps this is due to flash burn on the original image but was to hard to remove so left as is.
 Thanks goto the Ebay seller of this machine.
To the Creator of Red Hot X for the basic lamping positions, but most are different in this machine.
Shortcuts are 
Start = Spacebar
Auto Start = A
Collect/Cancel = `
Holds = 1,2,3
Insert £1's = 0
 Apart from the minor problems above i hope you Enjoy it and Happy Gaming!!!
  Plays in Mfme6.1+ and Above

What's New in Version 6.1 (See full changelog)

  • now runs faster thanks to wizard's advice on removing the blended lamps etc

Never seen this one my Mazooma, thank you very much for this release.

thanks for the replies , for some reason when i tried to download this file using edge i think its called it would only save as a text file which has never happened before but when i used mozzilla it downloaded as a zipped file fine
thanks vectra for this release and thanks all for the hard work you do

Glad you’ve sorted it out

Thank you Vectra :)

Thanks vecs never seen this one before.

Thank you.

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