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  • Submitted: Feb 21 2018 09:28 pm
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  • 21 Feb 2018 Download Interceptor 4.80 Updated for MFME6

Download Interceptor 4.80 Updated for MFME6 V6.1

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  Whilst i have nothing in the pipeline regarding new layouts i've decided to revert back to a few old 1024's i have which i've saved the larger artwroks so here's Another oldie wdx from the pre mfme5 era updated for MFME6+ for you
  basically i had the original larger artwork from the mini 1024wdx i did in July 2016
so i've also added coin effects, reel gradients and made the reel symbols slightly slimmer and re-edited the seven segs, apart from that its the same design as the mini layout
Barcrest's Interceptor is from the classic token era of the early 90's, presented in the "vogue" curved cab afaik only three machines were in this type, Supertwo, Fruit Link (clubber) and this one.
 Thanks go to the original classic creator,  and flyer contributor.
Photo Images obtained from the mecca and jackpotty!
 Now the layout itself, firstly as you can see the Hi-Lo Buttons are the oppisite way around (LO-HI) the reason this is like this as i tried to re do the button lamp/numbers etc but the layout just wasn,t playing ball, i think they had the same prblem on the classic of this and its clone Graffiti so maybe a emulator problem, next the Hi Lo reel band. From what i could make out the "cashpot" symbols on the real machine were 1,5,9 but again the emulator would have it! so i reverted back to the classic positions 4,8 & 12.
If you look at the flyer compared to this layout the "?" bonuses are also different, don't know why!
The sound is their but seams very quiet, so you'll ahve to turn the volume up.
Apart from that its all good, even the skillstop feature i can easily reach the £2.40repeater
Shortcuts are-
Start = Spacebar
Collect = C
Holds = 1,2,3
LO = 2, HI = 3
Cancel = `
Tokens in = 9
£££'s in = 0
   Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!!!
i plan to resize or update pinball wizard in the near future and a few others

Thank You.

Lovely, many thanks


Nice one, thanks vecs

Thank you :)

Thanks Vecs

Thank you.

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