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  • 15 Nov 2016 Download Party Time Arena V1.00
  • 13 Nov 2016 Download Party Time Arena V1.00
  • 13 Nov 2016 Download Party Time Arena V1.00

Download Party Time Arena V1.00

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Finally the one question that has haunted FME forever has been answered, can Party Time be emulated ?
The answer is yes.
MFME now allows you to run multiple machines at once and this is how Party Time Arena is presented.
Posted Image
This release is not about me, this is about Wizard.  I make things look pretty but he is the real magic that goes into this and everything else we are enjoying in the twilight weeks of 2016. He is the man to thank for this and the work that goes behind this.
My job is to make things look nice and try to avoid the "layout police" he has the hardest job out of all of us by pulling together a lot of behind the scenes magic to make this happen.  Thank you Wizard.
To run this MFME needs a little tweaking as these machines uses an IP address.  This is your local IP of your machine.  Put this IP in Preferences under IP Addr.  It will probably be a 192.168.0.x type address.
This release has four machines as it is actually four individual machines running, the top box and three clients.
Load them in this order:
- partytime_topbox_astrasysa1.gam
- partytime_red_astrasysa1.gam
- partytime_blue_astrasysa1.gam
- partytime_yellow_astrasysa1.gam
You should be up and running when they've all been loaded.  All machines have had their rams wiped and each has had £75 pumped through it.
Enjoy and party like it's party time !
Again, many thanks to Wizard for everything that went behind the scenes to make this work - I simply made it look pretty.
NOTE: The "PartyTime_topbox_1.zip" file is a replacement .fml for the topbox if you are having performance issues.

thanks works perfect when you sorted out your local ip address on them :)

FANTASTIC , Thank you



And for those who don't know how to find your local IP address here is Cliffs Dummys guide to getting your local IP


1 Click run

2. Type Cmd or Command hit ok

3. in the command prompt type ipconfig hit enter

4 Under the section titled Local Area Network Ethernet adaptor locate the section IPV4 address this is the address you need to enter into MFME to make this game work


Don't use google and search for whats my IP as this is your internet IP not your local one and using this is a security risk plus PTA will not run with this one anyways

comes up with comms error

corker, thank you again wizard

why would a game need ur ip address that u play offline on your pc that is a security risk and i would never do that

Just use


Thats the local address of everyones machine.

Amazing stuff!! works fine once you get your head around the IP address.


Looking forward to what more multi-players there are!!



i cant figure out how to get this up and running when i download the file theres a box that comes up with "how do you want to open this file" "look for an app in the app store" can anybody help?

does it go back up stright after been on the board ive put £500 in player be and it only goes up once is that a multiplayer problem?

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