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  • Submitted: Jun 26 2011 08:33 pm
  • Last Updated: Aug 16 2014 01:06 pm
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  • 26 Jun 2011 Download Fruit Explosion Dx Layout

Download Fruit Explosion Dx Layout

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Well here is an update of this nice looking maygay machine,set at 10p with a £5 jacky.What a paijn in the arse this has been at times,the resources available were awfull,the top glass has had half a redraw including all the inner part of the feature square.I then redrew all the button graphics and some of the number trail on the bottom glass.And tbh they didn't look very good.But ady saw the wip and said he had this machine in bits in his shed i think it was,he then scanned me the button graphics,the 10p fruit decals on the bottom glass,and the number trail which leads you to the cash trail.

Also the most importent bit was the reels,which ady managed to find a take photo's of for me.All these have made my life that bit easier when it came to getting my final base to start lamping it.Also a big thanks to dad,who i bombarded with pm's one day to show him progress and to seek advice on what could be improved so thanks for that,also for changing the cab colour for me and having a look over the final layout.I've done my best with the feature lamps to make em readable but some are still hard to read,nothing i could do more to improve em.This has been released at £5 jackpot as the £15 roms were dire and thats being nice.To sum it up proberbly won't get played by many which is fine,but an awfull lot of work has been put into this considering what i started with especially the top glass.So thanks alot to ady and dad who have both helped along the way with this.Hope you enjoy the layout.Edited to add thanks to spa for the original photo's i used to redraw the top glass and to dad for the 1024 i used for the lamps.

Shortcuts as normal then.......

G for grapes/features
S for srawberries/nudges
O for ornages/super holds
M for melons/cash.

thanks for the time and effort on this machine
ive never played it in the wild so dont know much about the game play but seem ok

a few boards ever £2 or so and dead fairly quick but did manage to get the the super jackpot twice once from a feature and the other from mystery win from cherries then a £4 from cherries the back to being quick game overs.

but rather enjoyable gameplay for a maygay machine.

thanks again tommyc
Thanks very much for this machine Tommyc

used to play this a lot and never really got a Jackpot off it, now i can just play it now without losing anything...
Thanks Tommy. Much appreciated
I played the £15 version from here and it was very odd. I don't think it dropped one jackpot - as if it were blocked!

At least I have the chance of the jacky here, according to other posts.

Thanks for all your hard work!

it pays out to many jackpots. the machine operates constantly at a loss. waste of my time playing really.

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