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#305873 MFMEv5 and the previous disc reel issue

Posted by Wizard on 04 July 2017 - 02:07 PM

Thanks to fuzion for creating the disc image, here is a fully working version that has also been tidied a little:

Attached File  BattleAxe1280.rar   4.36MB   33 downloads

#305119 MFME for New Designers

Posted by Reg on 17 June 2017 - 06:58 AM



I really wasn't going to do this and told vectra666 I would not cross post and gave reasons, then shaun2097 gave a great response so I figured, what the hell, let's cross post this...


...so I am pleased to finally upload a guide to DIF that I've been working on for a little while to try to bring layout designing to those that have never done this before.


For anyone that is slightly interested, please take a look at the download section for the PDF. I will update this as time goes by. Have fun and go and build those layouts...




To access the file you need to be REGISTERED and have confirmed the email as per standard forums these days.


Please do not host the file elsewhere.  It is not much to ask people to download the latest one and more importantly, they can subscribe to the download to get notifications of when it's updated.  I do not give permission for this to be hosted or shared in any form apart from direct download.


The PDF is 30+ pages long of pure MFME information along with a section that teaches you how to build a basic classic layout from scratch.

#311085 What would you like to see in a future mfme update?

Posted by Wizard on 16 November 2017 - 07:48 PM

I'm sure that can be arranged :)

#304934 Been a while

Posted by Guitar on 13 June 2017 - 07:59 PM

Having a break from FME for a while was the best thing I could've done.


First of all, apologies to Daryl, Trouty, & Dad for being particularly off with them before my hiatus. It's not your fault, I let FME become practically a 2nd job rather than a hobby, and was getting frustrated with everything and everyone.


In the mean time it appears we have a new shiny official MFME to play with which is awesome, and frankly takes the pressure off in a nice way.


I've decided to continue working on Amber and have been tinkering on and off but nothing major. At the very least I want to get IMPACT 100% completed, so every game can be fully emulated and simulated. The online state sharing functions are still really important to me because it makes it more realistic not knowing when a machine is ready to pay, it was also more social as you could chat whilst playing.


I've been working on a ray tracer as a separate project and in doing so have learnt some really useful information about the behaviour of light, delving into the real world physics and having some good ideas for the emulators.


Currently I am working on a full lamp simulation, working from the physical properties of the filament, writing my own physics engine. When complete I can then use them for lamping any tech and they should work as they did IRL with no modification required. So if they dim, or go super bright it will happen automatically based on the physical properties of the light bulb being simulated. I also intend to do the same with the other physical components which should mean that eventually I will have an emulator that can be both 2D and 3D at the same time. 2D is really a 3D image that you can't move around or change perspective. This also means that generating lamp reflections in the cabinet or surrounding objects will be native, along with shadows. And for 2D layouts, I can generate light maps in textures and mix them for playing machines on slower PC's or Indeed Android phones. I have started working on an android emulator but it's nowhere near being ready as I am writing it in Assembler. This will take layouts from the main PC version of Amber and be a play only emulator, no editing apart from basic options.


I also had a go at writing my own machine for IMPACT, and I'll probably release it with the new emu as a demo game, whenever the release happens.

#304694 When will the new mfme be released?

Posted by Wizard on 08 June 2017 - 09:29 PM

v5.2 Fixes and Changes

Prevent Layout Notes Clear from setting Layout Changed
Moved "Use File Names in Manager" from prefs to Display menu in Manager
Fixed issue with bit test instruction in Epoch ( Club Coronation Street )
Fixed issue with 7 Seg Displays in Epoch (  Club Coronation Street )
Fixed issue with Type 2 Hoppers in S4 ( Pacman Plus etc )
Fixed Hopper 3 Issue on Union Games MPU4 change to Hopper 8
Fixed Issue on MDM Body Match change to Hopper 7 for both Hoppers to work
Added config options to Blackbox ( for 4 reel clubbers )
Fixed Sample Sound Rate for MPU4 ( Road Hog etc )
Fixed Lamp Extender for SpACE
Improved Adder5 performance
Added basic Autoplay functionality ( runs a repeatable selection of key presses to simulate real play )
Samples are now added on the fly to the sample player
Added Vertical Monitor setting for M1Video
Fixed issue with Set Window Size in edit mode when scroll bars visible
Default and Configurable switch settings added to BFM Sys85
Added Tok coin mask to SYS1
Added Reel bounce to SYS1
Added 2p/Tok coin mask to SYS85
Added reel bounce to SYS85
Added watchdog reset to SYS85
Added support for SystemA1 Hokey Cokey and Bullion Bars Multiplayers
Added support for multiplayer loading .gam files ( Use alt L on master to link the games, alt U to unlink and alt S to save multiplayer gam. Quit using ctrl Q )
Added ability to Hide game files so they won't appear in manager db, even after a full scan
Fixed Sound issue with MPU4 Bolt From The Blue
Fixed Pac Drive Initialisation issue
Fixed Sound issue with M1a Tick Tock Cash
Added Comms Status Messages to ccTalk
Fixed SEC reset on S4
Fixed Timer scaler on S4
All techs now support PAC Drive and Effects
Fixed MMM Triac issue
Fixed Z80 CTC bug
Added PCL MAXI tech
Fixed loading of group files with borders
Fixed a lamp issue on S2/S4/S5 that affected dimming
Fixed a reel led issue
Added Alt-P to start/stop Autoplay
Fixed Sys1 token meter
Added Disc Reel transparent image option
Right click menu option added to Manager to run a game in a new Instance
Added coin in, coin accepted, coin rejected, hopper motor, hopper coin and button down/up effects to all techs ( Enabled via prefs )
Fixed some bad hopper timings
Datapak output added to ACE SYS1
Adjusted ACE SYS1 timings to match Slow ROMs jumper
All ACE SYS 1 reels are now 240 Half Steps, Full/Half Step added to config, 24 Stop reels use Full Step, 16 Stop reels use Half Step
Fixed bug in BWB MPU4 bank switching
Fixed some Component List update issues
Manager RAM backup now copies both the RAM and the GAM file to a local directory called RAMBackup
Fixed some Electrocoin Phoenix issues ( Crown Jester now runs )
Added Phoenix Token coin mask and inhibit lamps
Rearranged the coin mask drop down list to group similar items together
Added reel bounce to Phoenix
Added Config item for BWB SPACE serial dongle
Fixed IMPACT interupt issue ( Football Fever now runs ok )
Fixed a 6840 timer issue ( maybe a datasheet error ? ) and now MPU4 Ghostbusters runs ok
Fixed MPU5 bus timeout issue ( Fixes Barmy Army Roll Even reset )
Fixed MPU5 reel jumper config
Added option to set meter effects from meter settings in config
Fixed Epoch reel opto issue ( Fixes Casino Crazy Streak )
Added option to enter Manager by clicking top left of screen in Full Screen Modes, or top left of layout in Borderless Mode

#295100 MFMEv5 and the previous disc reel issue

Posted by Wizard on 22 November 2016 - 10:05 PM

Here is an example of a fully working disc reel. It's not my layout so credit to the original author, I just revamped it for MFMEv5.


Attached File  Dosh & Pecks.rar   3.99MB   53 downloads

#291798 Spice It Up Wdx

Posted by TommyC on 26 October 2016 - 07:23 PM

Been working on this for the last 4 hours or so,must have been the hardest flyer i have removed lines from :err: This will be a layout for the up and coming mfme v5 release.This doesn't run in any of the current emu's we have.Loved this game in the wild.



#282729 R.I.P. Mrs Dachs (Sallyanne)

Posted by dachshund on 16 July 2015 - 08:37 PM

Well today has been a beautiful day, the sun shone and the turn out at the service was amazing as today was Sallyannes (Mrs Dachs) funeral. Sallyanne passed away on the 3rd of july following a cardiac arrest on the 29th of june. Unfortunately Sallyanne never recovered. Sallyannes passion was for cooking (how im not 30 stone with the amount of her top quality home cooked food i ate is beyond me). Sallyanne held a full time cooks job at a local preschool were she also taught basic food hygene. Sallyanne also organised many charity nights in which she raised lots of money for Macmillan. Sallyannes 2nd passion was for our pets, 9 in total ( 6 dogs, 2 rats and a hamster) the minute Sallyanne left for work she was eager to get home for them and curl up on the sofa in a onesie and watch soaps and catch up. We met in a little club in the town i was born on the east coast of Yorkshire. The minute Sallyanne walked in the club i couldnt take my eyes of her. I knew i was batting way above my league but i asked her out and Sallyanne said yes. I am the luckiest man alive. 14 years of laughs, love and amazing food.


                        Love you forever my sweetheart xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




ps. i hope nobody minds that i have shared this, howerver it really helps me to talk about Sallyanne cos im bloody struggling at the min

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#281008 Good News (labyrinth/electrocoin stuff)

Posted by nails on 27 April 2015 - 06:24 PM

Popped into to see the guys from Electrocoin today (well John actually), since im working close to their site. I asked him a few questions in regards to resources, in particular original artwork for labrynth and any other older machine.


His response was rather positive to say the least, saying he would try his hardest to look through whats left of their archive and gather whatever old stuff is required. what really turned my head was when I saw a £100 jackpot labrynth right in front of me! its a video based machine with the original graphics! WOW.



so their it is, when needed just ask and I`ll see what I can get

#308905 Spurious and fraudulent paypal disputes and claims

Posted by aaamusements on 23 September 2017 - 02:47 PM

The site unfortunately gets a regular supply of paypal disputes and claims started against it.


Sometimes this is because a donation takes longer than normal to approve. Whilst I can understand that this might be frustrating, in 99% or more of these cases the donator fails to try to contact me about it before they raise the issue with Paypal.


We fight all spurious and fraudulent disputes and claims strenuously and thoroughly, and we do not lose. However this takes up far too much of the little time that I personally have in which I could be working on this site.


If you start such a claim then you can expect us to take appropriate punitive actions necessary to protect the site and the company which exists to keep it funded. If appropriate and where legally possible to do so we will make evidence available to Paypal, banks and credit card providers, the police and Action Fraud.


If you have a problem then contact me first - via a PM or through the Support Console:


#307430 Railway DVDs and VHS for Sale

Posted by Reg on 13 August 2017 - 04:17 PM

I usally don't give a f*** about posts like this - but you know what we're only human and I've known you for years and years online.


At tea time, when kids are starving and boats are sinking on Sky News during the advert broke, I'll turn down the volume so I don't have to hear why a celeb is asking me to part with money when they are f*****g rich.


Purely as a one off, PM me your PayPal account.

If I can afford to build and pay for bits for a new fruit machine, a few slices of bread is going to do you no harm from me.


This is how it works tho - you say nothing back, you are not indebted to me in anyway - don't even post a thanks to this or the PM, I am not going to put you in that position apart from a simply one line - recieved via PM - it's a one off response that will never happen again or be responded to.


I am simply doing this because I know you from Fruit Forums day and things must be horrifically bad for you to be in a position to have to do this and I hope that one day when the cards a down for me, somebody will help me.


For a man to have to do this post as NQ did, you know I don't think it hurts for any of us to see if there is something we can do if we reversed the position and were reaching out to others.


Peace out.

#305962 MFMEv5 and the previous disc reel issue

Posted by Wizard on 05 July 2017 - 05:43 PM

And here is the modified Carousel:


Attached File  Carousel_1280WDX_By_(Ross).rar   5.97MB   17 downloads

#293638 Future site software upgrade

Posted by aaamusements on 11 November 2016 - 03:14 PM

At some point, in the near future, we are going to have to upgrade the site forum software to the latest version of IP.Board.


Although I have put this off for as long as possible, it's now impossible to fix some of the bugs and important features of the current software, as the publishers no longer support this version.


The new version is a complete ground upwards rewrite, this is good in many ways as this current version is now very much out of date, and a rewrite was well overdue. Unfortunately it does mean that any third party modifications and additions will stop working. This will impact upon the appearance and functionality of the site, at least in the short term. It may be possible to reinstate some of the features in the future, but this cannot be guaranteed.


Rest assured that all forum content, downloads, subscriptions and other essential data and content will be transferred over.


More information to follow.

#286934 Project Amber 2 March Update

Posted by Guitar on 01 March 2016 - 04:11 AM

For those of you who do not frequent dadsFme forum here's an update. Those of you who do have an account there is a ~40 page thread on there about it.


Here's the bullet points...


Things are moving along again quite quickly, I hope to have a release of MPU4 / IMPACT in around 4 weeks which will be a 2D emulator in the style of Amber 1 but not slow and buggy. I can promise at minimum fast and buggy, and hopefully fast and stable :) .


The initial release will be DirectX11 but there are plans to backport to DirectX9 at a later date.


As soon as the initial release goes out and any major bugs fixed I will start work on adding MPU4 Plasma & MPU4 Video.


I hope to release a tech every 3/4 weeks, whether a new tech or an old one. Don't panic Epoch is on the list.


Here's some screenshots, I'll post more as release nears.

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#311272 Brief Introduction & First Project!

Posted by Benjamoose on 20 November 2017 - 11:26 AM

Hi there!

My name's Ben and I'm a freelance (non-union) voice actor.

I've been a fruit machine fan and a lurker of this forum for a long time now and always wanted to sign up, but given how much I struggle to balance social networking stuff these days, I felt it was worth waiting until I had something to contribute to you all first vs. posting an introduction then vanishing for weeks at a time.

I was born and raised in Blackpool, (so as you can imagine I've experienced my fair share of fruit machines!), but currently live in Hawaii in the United States with my wife.

My all-time two favorite fruit machines are "Crazy Fruits Green" and "Homer's Meltdown".

I was super happy to discover a couple of years ago that there were emulators for these sorts of things and that "Crazy Fruits Green" had a brilliant and clean layout recreation by The Killer Tomato (mocochoco?) but was slightly disappointed that my absolute favorite-favorite of the two machines, "Homer's Meltdown" didn't.

I've been following the progress of "Homer's Meltdown" via emulation for a good while now too. Seeing it go from not working at all, to running (but with Italian Job sounds), to just recently having a basic layout made by mazza500.

But having Photoshop and Graphic Design in my background, I decided "why wait for someone else to do it for me when I can contribute something to you guys myself?".

So over the last several months (on and off) I have painstakingly redrawn and color matched every element on the board. Going as far as to track down the original fonts used and so forth.

In that time TommyC has released a brilliant mash-up made from several images (which I also recommend people download!) so we sort of already have a layout with the actual graphics now, but my version has been completely redrawn from scratch at a high resolution, so hopefully it should still be worth having!.

I still have a ways to go before I finish, but I wanted to introduce myself, let people know I was working on it and tease folks with my progress as I'm now heading towards the home stretch as it were.

When I'm done (or when I have more to show) I'll create a thread for my project in the appropriate section before release, but for now; Howdy folks!

Thanks for reading!




As you can see, I was inspired layout-wise by the Crazy Fruits layout. I love how clean and clear that one is vs. coping the machine angles (but obviously that's totally a preference when it comes to emulation).

Please excuse my heavy watermarking and zoomed out/in screenshots. The finished release will have absolutely no watermarking, but I want to keep this thing underwraps really until it's done.

P.S. I feel now that I'm getting involved, it's only right of me to admit that I made a second account way back when I first started my project as I needed to do some testing and accidentally downloaded the wrong emulator (D'oh!). At the time I wasn't aware there was a hefty rule against this (though I should have expected as such really), so please forgive me folks! 


Posted by Pook on 16 September 2017 - 02:25 PM

A little while ago SteveP approached me and asked if I'd be willing to take this one on as it had been personally requested by Wizard. Nifty Fifty was the first emulated fruit machine and gave birth to what we know today as MFME. After the seventeen years of enjoyment MFME has given me I was more than happy to do this and I dedicate this release of a cracking old Barcrest classic to Wizard.


Big thanks to SteveP for encouraging me to do this, Ploggy, Reg & SteveP for testing. After seventeen years this machine gets the release it deserves, if you are in a position to supply resources to preserve other classic machines then please get in touch.




#304675 When will the new mfme be released?

Posted by Reg on 08 June 2017 - 06:59 PM

My story at least some of you older people will know.


I used to be addicted to Fruit Machines to the point once of putting in a months wages the day I got paid ( Pharoahs Gold ).  I spent way too much money on Club Monopoly and the addication got even worse the day I jackpotted three club machines in the snooker hall in one day.  I was invincible... yeah, right.


FRUIT.EXE ( aka MFME.EXE ) taught me that these machines are f***ers.  I learnt that they are the only real winner and can confidientaly say that since having the emulator, I have won £10K plus over the years in real cash...


...thanks to emulation...


...the question is how did this happen.  I simply stopped playing the fruit machines when I really got to understand them and the addication ended up broken.  The £10K plus, is real money that I never lost in the slots thanks to this small .EXE file and layouts, broke my addiction.


For that, I can never thank Wizard or FRUIT.EXE ( aka MFME.EXE ) enough.

#295355 Is anything happening to fruit-emu?

Posted by aaamusements on 25 November 2016 - 10:15 AM

OK, so I've seen this plug about desert island fruits.
A. What is it?
B. Is it replacing this amazing site?
C. Is there any way of making this site stay alive if it's defunked? I don't want it to disappear like lots of good websites I've seen never returning.
Please, please, please, keep it going guys, I just love the messenger, don't think desert island fruits has this, good for when I have download problems and people (AKA Magz) can zip folders to me in this way. If I could donate, I would! I'd be a Gold supporter all the way guys!

Nothing is happening to fruit-emu and it's not going to disappear, in fact it's future is the most secure now that it's ever been under my ownership.

#292270 Multiple accounts = ban

Posted by aaamusements on 01 November 2016 - 07:15 PM

Another timely reminder. For reasons that I haven't so far been able to pin down (rofl) there have been a rush of duplicate accounts listed in the last couple of days.

Anyone creating duplicate accounts in order to circumvent the download limits can expect to have their accounts deleted and banned.

If you don't like the free download limits, please consider supporting the site. It's not particularly expensive and it means that you're supporting the hosting, upgrading and continuing development that the site needs to continue serving its wider membership.

Thank you.

#291851 New download sections for MFME 5

Posted by aaamusements on 29 October 2016 - 07:29 PM

Some of you may have noticed the new download section dedicated to layouts for the new techs that are going to be covered by the new emulator, as well as the existing techs which were already included before:
There are also new corresponding forums for MFME techs, when anyone uploads a new layout a dedicated discussion forum will be created.
Barcrest Junky and myself have spent some time getting them ready for the new release. If anyone can spot any errors or omissions then I'd appreciate you letting us know.