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Project Amber Development Release

Some people were asking to see the current state of play, so I've uploaded a dev version to the Skydrive.
If you don't have amber installed already you should install using the latest public version installer (10911). Then patch the new files over the top.

This version is Work In Progress and may have bugs.
This version only works for MPU4, ALL other techs will stop working.
This version will NOT work in online mode.
This version has no extra sounds, just emulated sounds.
This version has new / extra settings required to make layouts work again.
This version should be patched over the latest public version. Install that first if you haven't already.

If you want to revert to the last proper version with all the techs, you should save a backup copy of the files you need to overwrite.

In the zip file is 3 files;
ProjAmber.exe, YMCore.dll, Components.cpf

ProjAmber.exe should replace the existing file in your Project Amber folder.
YMCore.dll should overwrite the existing file in your System32/SYSWOW64 folder (depending whether you have 32/64 Bit windows respectively)
Components.cpf should overwrite the existing file on your Project Amber/Components folder.

I will provide limited tech support but overall if you are a complete noob and have no idea what I am saying, I would avoid doing it.

Full public releases will be provided when its time to do one.

Also in the folder is a cashlab layout file which has been updated with all the settings required to make it work. DO NOT open this in the original version of amber or it will lose a lot of Settings.

If you experience speed issues open the Options > Emulator menu and add the value 1000 to the speed settings in the top right hand side of the options form. You should only need to do this once.


Thanks Nick. Hope you've had a good day today?

Yeah, not a bad day thanks, went to the coast for a bit, was 10 degrees and dry, which isn't bad for the time of year.

many thanks

Thanks guitar, btw have been looking for you over at msn chat but not been able to catch u. 

Many thanks again

thank you kindly for the headsup m8

Thank you

thank you

where are we this Guitar? I need to do a fresh install of amber, should I wait for a decent build? (no offence ment there)



Well, as good old Toyah sang...  :bigeyes19: 


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Club Frenzy 250 DX

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MPU5 Feb 07 2019 09:14 pm 111

Bas cop the lot classic

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