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The Arcade is back!

After what seems like an eternity the Arcade finally makes a reappearance on Fruit-Emu. I've been trying out a few different arcade offerings for Invision Board 3 but no one has yet released one that isn't currently an alpha or beta version. The one that I've settled for is the original ibProArcade (thanks Ady), which has been in release candidate for quite a while but seems stable enough. There are plenty of high scores up for grabs if you want to head over to the arcade. I'll be adding more games over the coming weeks but feel free to point me in the direction of any of your favourites and I'll see if they're available to download.

If you find any problems with the high scores calculating incorrectly (ie, the champion being the highest score rather than the lowest) then please raise a ticket here and I'll fix it as soon as I can.


Many thanks for the addition Duplu..
Cheers Duplu mate. :)
blimey Duplu youl've been busy!

Loads of high-scores to be had with almose 200 games!
about bloody time :p , thanks duplu :)

blimey Duplu youl've been busy!

Loads of high-scores to be had with almose 200 games!

not anymore! WHAAA HA HA

Latest Releases
  Title and Description Category Release Date Downloads

The Streak 5/10p - Three Player Dx's

Next up is this triple player by mazooma "The Streak"  set on £5/10p play. tried to find the £25 slave roms but couldn't find nowt. Anyways this plays a great game with not one but three popular machines within the top box feature. I tried to remove the"on" lamps from the original...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Yesterday, 08:59 PM 54

Club Make a Million

Here's one for the weekend, it's a classic clubber from Bell Fruit called Club Make a Million.   I could only find a BFMulator version of this, so after playing it for a while I decided to put together a MFME version, and here it is.   Thanks goto: Wizard for MFME v5.x The rom provider...  read more...
Scorpion 2 Dec 08 2017 08:05 PM 43

Each Way Shuffle Deluxe DX

Another SRU done.  This time it's Each Way Shuffle Deluxe's turn.  Basically the £3 version of Each Way Shuffle; which was done by CTL, instead of JPM.  Set to £3/10p/78%. Strange quirk with this one though compared to the Super Each Way Shuffle I did previously....  read more...
SRU Dec 07 2017 09:34 PM 72

Dond - The Big Deal 70 Dx

2nd version of 'The Big Deal set on the mighty £70jp multi stake this is scorpion 4 as opposed to scorp5 which the £5 is as couldn't find a £70 rom that ran in scorp5 not sure if the cash/door switches are correct in configuration, if not please state what should be what!! ...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Dec 05 2017 07:57 PM 202

Dond - The Big Deal 5 Dx

 First of two versions of dond's 'The Big Deal' this one is set on the smaller £5jp 10p play    Thankyou to the Ebay seller of said machine whom i gained the images for it    Shortcuts are-   Start = Spacebar Transfer = T Exchange = E Change Stake = N/A Collect...  read more...
Scorpion 5 Dec 05 2017 07:51 PM 81

Bwb: Secret 7's 1080p WDX

Bwb: Secret 7s 
MPU5 Dec 04 2017 11:42 AM 140

Dond - The Power Five 35 Dx

 With whats going on in the other topic i was in two minds whether to release this or not, but why should those loyal members of this site that have given and donated to support us here miss out!!   Anyways, Here's another Dond this time its an earlier one in the form of The Power Five...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Nov 30 2017 08:13 PM 250

Pcp's Test Pilot Wdx

Well here's an updated layout of a classic mps game called test pilot.Loved playing this when i was a sprog lol,Thanks to ady which i think supplied the original glass scans and reels,hurtand165 for the 1024 this was based on and to ploggy for the stitched scans and for adjusting the reels and pa...  read more...
MPS Nov 26 2017 06:44 PM 80

Jpm's Terminator 6Wdx (Resized for Mfme5+)

Not a new layout but Another Resized layout for Mfme5+ using same artwork from the 1024/2014 edition (notes form the original release back in 2014) promise there won't be any more resizes for a bit as don't want to flood the front page with em lol!!     It's Jpm System5 machin...  read more...
System 5 Nov 26 2017 11:08 AM 112

Pcp's NudgeMoney Dx (Resized for Mfme5+)

Here is a oldie layout of mine Resized for Mfme5+ also now comes with meter effect and some coin noises!!(notes from the original 1024dx release) I can see why spa loves this machine so much a excellent machine that sits alongside the great test pilot but in my option is miles better in play...  read more...
MPS Nov 25 2017 09:13 PM 82

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