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The Arcade is back!

After what seems like an eternity the Arcade finally makes a reappearance on Fruit-Emu. I've been trying out a few different arcade offerings for Invision Board 3 but no one has yet released one that isn't currently an alpha or beta version. The one that I've settled for is the original ibProArcade (thanks Ady), which has been in release candidate for quite a while but seems stable enough. There are plenty of high scores up for grabs if you want to head over to the arcade. I'll be adding more games over the coming weeks but feel free to point me in the direction of any of your favourites and I'll see if they're available to download.

If you find any problems with the high scores calculating incorrectly (ie, the champion being the highest score rather than the lowest) then please raise a ticket here and I'll fix it as soon as I can.


Many thanks for the addition Duplu..
Cheers Duplu mate. :)
blimey Duplu youl've been busy!

Loads of high-scores to be had with almose 200 games!
about bloody time :p , thanks duplu :)

blimey Duplu youl've been busy!

Loads of high-scores to be had with almose 200 games!

not anymore! WHAAA HA HA

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Latest Releases
  Title and Description Category Release Date Downloads

Ice Burger Classic Layout.

Ice Burger by Maygay, set at £25 30p 82%. Produced in MFME v6.1   Thanks to Wizard for MFME, Reg for the sound roms and whoever provided the Program Roms.   I've tried to keep the layout simple and thus quite smallish. The reels are a mishmash. I couldn't find a set of Maygay Epoch...  read more...
Epoch Today, 01:52 AM 21

Jackpot/ Stake/% information inserts

grabbed these from ebay earlier i thought they'd be of use for dx's where the flyer of a machine doesn't display the jackpot/stake and percentage information. Use these to make the dx's more realistic. they're cut as per image so will need darkening down to suit the required layout i may start ad...  read more...
Miscellaneous Apr 17 2018 05:53 PM 3

Family Guy - Booze Hound (Bellfruit)

USE WITH MFME V6 Another Family Guy machine from me! Using another set of sounds but can't see any issues with them.  Shortcuts in the layout notes and requires Reg's MFME Font, which can be grabbed here - http://www.desertisl...e/55-mfme-font/ Enjoy and as always, please alert me...  read more...
Scorpion 5 Apr 13 2018 12:17 AM 53

Roller Coaster Dx

Here's an update to my roller coaster layout i did a few years ago,In this update are masked images to support the super bright lamps feature wizard has implemented added blended lamps to where they needed be,added coin in/out sounds corrected some minor lamp errors,set the meters correct to tall...  read more...
Impact Apr 11 2018 06:56 PM 137

Party Time Player

Here's a classic layout of Astra party time player - you will need the latest version of MFME 6.1 ( to run this game otherwise the top 7 seg display will not work.   Many thanks to Wizard for his emulator and for the fixes that have enabled this to run, all shortcuts as usual with...  read more...
System 1 Apr 08 2018 07:20 PM 137

Bfm's Take the Piece £35/dual stake Dx

 PLAY THIS IN MFME6.1!!!! Next of 2 jackpot level layouts of this machine by Bellfruit - Take the Piece. set on the "newer £35 jackpot stake 25p/50p Thanks goto- Johnny Afc for the classic layout used,Pook for the Hi res cleaned up flyerWizard for the Emulator and help fi...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Apr 06 2018 07:54 PM 150

Take the Piece £25/dual stake Dx

  PLAY THIS IN MFME6.1!!!!   First of 2 jackpot level layouts of this machine by Bellfruit - Take the Piece.   Thanks goto-   Johnny Afc for the classic layout used, Pook for the Hi res cleaned up flyer Wizard for the Emulator and help finalizing the layout    Shortc...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Apr 06 2018 07:50 PM 56

MFME 6.1 - Crystal Club Twister Classic

Can you face the awesome power of the Twister? MFME v6.1 only - you will get hopper errors on any earlier version. A decent game this, a 1997 MPU4 offering from Crystal. Unfortunately the correct sounds could not be found, so this uses the ones from the 3-reel AWP. They are at their wor...  read more...
MPU4 Apr 01 2018 09:27 AM 55

Monopoly Wonders of the World £25 Dx

  Play this Layout in MFME6+ only     Forget the Ironing!!, Grab you Hat, Take the dog for a walk, Drive the car or Take the boat!!    Its time to play Monopoly (again!)!!   Thanks goto   Samson81 for the flyer upload Andy-1 for the 1024wdx release of this...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Mar 31 2018 07:25 PM 142

D.N.A - Red Gaming

***USE WITH MFME V6*** 9 months since my last MPU5 release so figured I'd better dabble with it before i forget how to do them  Thanks to Reg/Wizard for the images used to find the values on the red helix trail, even then it was a nightmare due to the helix looping itself and not follow...  read more...
MPU5 Mar 29 2018 09:17 PM 82

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