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The Arcade is back!

After what seems like an eternity the Arcade finally makes a reappearance on Fruit-Emu. I've been trying out a few different arcade offerings for Invision Board 3 but no one has yet released one that isn't currently an alpha or beta version. The one that I've settled for is the original ibProArcade (thanks Ady), which has been in release candidate for quite a while but seems stable enough. There are plenty of high scores up for grabs if you want to head over to the arcade. I'll be adding more games over the coming weeks but feel free to point me in the direction of any of your favourites and I'll see if they're available to download.

If you find any problems with the high scores calculating incorrectly (ie, the champion being the highest score rather than the lowest) then please raise a ticket here and I'll fix it as soon as I can.


Many thanks for the addition Duplu..
Cheers Duplu mate. :)
blimey Duplu youl've been busy!

Loads of high-scores to be had with almose 200 games!
about bloody time :p , thanks duplu :)

blimey Duplu youl've been busy!

Loads of high-scores to be had with almose 200 games!

not anymore! WHAAA HA HA

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Latest Releases
  Title and Description Category Release Date Downloads

The Crystal Maze - Requirements: Android 4.0+

The description of Crystal Maze The Fruit Machine Crystal Maze, The Fruit Machine is a retro, just for fun fruit machine complete with nudges, features and a game board and it’s a perfect way to test your luck! Crystal Maze, The Fruit Machine can be played by touching the onscreen buttons o...  read more...
Simulations May 23 2016 05:51 PM 9

Pcp's NudgeMoney 1024Dx

Here is a old classic, probably my oldest machine layout so far, It's pcp's nudgemoney a great little 2p'er!!!.   I can see why spa loves this machine so much a excellent machine that sits alongside the great test pilot but in my option is miles better in playabilty, as spa states you c...  read more...
MPS May 22 2016 07:02 PM 43

Reservoir Frogs Wdx

Heres a dx of empires reservoir frogs set at 10p/£5,quite a decent game to say it's an empire and has a little run in it.This is made from a selection of different photo's from the net.Thanks to Fuzion for redrawing the name and to jonnyafc for his classic i used for the base.   Shortcu...  read more...
MPU 5 May 10 2016 07:53 PM 96

Egyptian Gold Triple

Egyptian Gold Triple by Reels of Fun. Demo version only, for full version please visit http://www.reelsoffun.co.uk/  read more...
Simulations Apr 24 2016 08:24 PM 28

Bullion Bars 70

Bullion Bars 70 Demo by Reels of Fun. Full version available from http://www.reelsoffun.co.uk/  read more...
Simulations Apr 24 2016 08:17 PM 93

Barcrest's Classic Club 150/20p 1024Wdx

Here's a oldie for ya probably one of the oldest club machines i've created so far. An old lo to mid tech clubber with a pull handle!! A basic clubber with only four features and a gamble of which i've managed to gamble to £50 so far!   Thanks goto-   Ady for the flyer he gave me,...  read more...
MPU 4 Apr 20 2016 09:41 PM 55

Bank Raid Wdx

Wasn't uploaded to here at the time of release,so here it is.  read more...
MPU 4 Apr 16 2016 07:19 PM 99

Take Note (bfm) 5/10p 1024Wdx

Here is the smaller jackpot version of the £25 one I did a few days back. The same thanks goto the same members as the £25 version.    Now onto this layout, it's 99% correct as some of you may notice there's no £2.60p decal of the cash ladder the reason for this is.....  read more...
Scorpion 4 Apr 07 2016 07:12 PM 37

Bfm's Take Note 1024Wdx 25/30p

Following up from its big brother I re-did over 3yrs ago comes the Awp version Take Note. Thanks goto Ady for sending me the flyer of this, to the original creator of the 1600wdx of which I gained the majority of the lamping positions and hi lo reel band.  And to the creators jafc and ploggy...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Apr 02 2016 09:54 AM 106

Elvis Presley's Gold Rush (Barcrest) 5/10p 1024Wdx

One for the money, Two for the show , Three get ready let's go, go go!!! Get your blue suede shoes on for this layout from me it's...  Elvis Presley's GoldRush  set at £5/10p.    I give thanks to Captain Haddock firstly for his £25 classic layout used for l...  read more...
MPU 5 Mar 19 2016 06:27 PM 117

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