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The Arcade is back!

After what seems like an eternity the Arcade finally makes a reappearance on Fruit-Emu. I've been trying out a few different arcade offerings for Invision Board 3 but no one has yet released one that isn't currently an alpha or beta version. The one that I've settled for is the original ibProArcade (thanks Ady), which has been in release candidate for quite a while but seems stable enough. There are plenty of high scores up for grabs if you want to head over to the arcade. I'll be adding more games over the coming weeks but feel free to point me in the direction of any of your favourites and I'll see if they're available to download.

If you find any problems with the high scores calculating incorrectly (ie, the champion being the highest score rather than the lowest) then please raise a ticket here and I'll fix it as soon as I can.


Many thanks for the addition Duplu..
Cheers Duplu mate. :)
blimey Duplu youl've been busy!

Loads of high-scores to be had with almose 200 games!
about bloody time :p , thanks duplu :)

blimey Duplu youl've been busy!

Loads of high-scores to be had with almose 200 games!

not anymore! WHAAA HA HA

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Latest Releases
  Title and Description Category Release Date Downloads

Eighth Wonder (bwb/barcrest) 4.80 1160Dx

Maybe the final release before the anticipated mfme v5 is release and what most within these forums will call the 8th wonder on the planet. Its Eighth Wonder by Bwb with barcrest roms within, a great little lo tech from the early 1990's within hidden holds etc.    Thanks goto Spanner th...  read more...
MPU 4 Oct 22 2016 09:43 PM 64

Simpsons, The (Maygay) [Rom]

EPOCH Rom set - Simpsons, The (Maygay) [Rom] 
Epoch Oct 13 2016 11:15 AM 34

Project coin's jackpot 7's 1280 dx

Thanks to the emu creators/coders, and to dave aka mr p for the roms. set on 20p with the jackpot @ £4.80   all cash usual shortcuts apply and runs best in v 3.2  read more...
PROCONN Sep 29 2016 05:11 PM 57

Barcrest: Hyper Viper 1080p WDX

With thanks to Jafc for the classic.   if you are getting sound issues you will need to tweak the speed of the emulation until you find the correct speed for your machine. (mine plays pretty well between 38000-55000)   Until the next one   read more...
MPU 5 Sep 26 2016 10:50 PM 146

Trail spin club

May as well got shot of this one, set on 10p with the jackpot @ £100 runs best in v2  v2.1 as the text goes off in 3.2. thanks to the emu creator, rom provider, ploggy for the images slasher for the font, and the play testers  dad, superbank , and £6 in tokens. usual shortcuts...  read more...
MPU 3 Sep 21 2016 07:51 PM 37

Qps/Mazooma Pink Panther 25 (mute'ish) 1024Wdx

Next up is this 4th anniversary release, Qps/Mazooma's Pink Panther set @£25/30p 86% Again like the classic before it, it is mute, well it has sounds but they're so jumbled up I've lowered the volume via test mode to 1Pc.    Thanks goto- Andy-1 for his classic(s) layouts Riche100 f...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Sep 03 2016 10:18 PM 172

deal or no deal break the bank Mame

Deal Or No Deal - Break The Bank - WINDOWS INSTALLER! This is the very straight-forward installer for Deal Or No Deal Break The Bank.  It is only (currently) playable in Door Open mode.  It requires Windows 7 64 bit / Windows 8 / Windows 10 to run. Instructions:(1) Downlo...  read more...
Miscellaneous Sep 03 2016 07:20 PM 37

Tuppenny Nudger 1600 DX

Hello.  Me again.  Thought I would get out of my DX-making retirement and get something new done, so I did this.  It's a 1600 DX for a classic 2p nudger, Tuppenny Nudger.   This is the MPS version of Tuppenny Nudger, which isn't emulated currently.  Not to be mixed up wi...  read more...
MPS Aug 30 2016 05:42 PM 100

Motorway Mania (Bfm) 15/25p 1024Wdx

Jackpot version £15 of motorway mania,   Same thanks got to Andy -1 classic layout Richie100 - flyer Ploggy base reel symbols   Shortcuts are - Start = Spacebar Exchange = E Collect = C Stop = S Holds = 1,2,3 Hi = 2, Lo = 3 Cancel = ` Take cash = T Features = F Nudges = N £...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Aug 25 2016 08:17 PM 144

Bfm's Motorway Mania 10/20p 1024wdx

First of two jackpot setting of this machine, motorway mania set on £10/20p by BFM and Whitbread I give thanks to Andy-1 for his classic layouts of this, To Richie100 via the mecca for the flyer he uploaded and to Ploggy for use of the reel symbols from viva mexico As you can see the do...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Aug 25 2016 08:12 PM 60

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