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Latest Releases
  Title and Description Category Release Date Downloads

Cash ahoy

Here is my DX of Cash Ahoy. Running on Scorpion 5 tech. £1/50p/25p Stake / £70 Jackpot / 86+6% Payout   Many thanks to whoever sourced the flyer, sorry but I can't remember where I picked it up from!   Hope you all enjoy this pirate treasure themed machine. A lot going on and...  read more...
Scorpion 5 Today, 04:41 PM 42

Club Cannonball Run 250 Dx

Shiver me timbers! me hearties!! I bring thee gold wth this clubber cannonball run by global a fun machine with lots going on.  Before i get to the thanks and shortcuts, there's a few minor errors not on my part but the original flyer graphics, first the £75 cannonball should pay jackpo...  read more...
Epoch Yesterday, 06:54 PM 68

The Blackjack Club

Here is my release of The Blackjack Club by Global. Running on £250/30p/94% (Epoch tech)   Many thanks to richy1976 for uploading the flyer for this machine.   I used to own this machine many years ago but the dreaded epoch died and I never got it running again so ended up selling...  read more...
Epoch Apr 25 2017 09:10 AM 109

Disco Crazy

Here is Disco Crazy set on 25p Play and £250 Jackpot. Not sure the correct manufacturer as it states Voodoo Games on the cabinet, Games Media on the alpha and Global for the reel symbols.   Thanks go to Orchid/ Fusion for posting the roms Mavroz for the reel symbols Wizard for the emula...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Apr 23 2017 08:18 PM 43

Bell Fruit Golden Shot

Bell Fruit Golden Shot running on Black Box Tech.   Shortcuts   Credit 10p – Enter Credit Token - T Credit 20p - P Credit 50p – Z Shoot - S Start/Collect – Space Reel 1 Hold/Nudge up – 1 Reel 2 Hold/Nudge up - 2 Reel 3 Hold/Nudge up - 3 Reel 1 Nudge down –...  read more...
Black Box Apr 23 2017 04:49 PM 35

Bell Fruit Vesuvius

Bell Fruits Vesuvius running on Black Box Tech. Shortcuts Credit 10p – EnterCredit 50p – ZStart – SpaceReel 1 Hold/Nudge down – 1Reel 2 Hold/Nudge down - 2Reel 3 Hold/Nudge down - 3Reel 1 Nudge up – 4Reel 2 Nudge up - 5Reel 3 Nudge up – 6Collect...  read more...
Black Box Apr 23 2017 04:35 PM 33

Fire Cracker

Fire Cracker running on Bell Fruit Black Box Tech.   Percentage is set high with ROMS tweaked slightly from factory settings to up percent a bit. If you want to tone it down a bit then go to edit mode and un-tick the high % check box.   Short Cuts   10p - C Token - T Change - 5...  read more...
Black Box Apr 23 2017 04:25 PM 48

DOND - The Dream Factory

Here is my DX release of Deal or no Deal - The Dream Factory. Running on Scorpion 4 with £70 Jackpot and 25p/50p/£1 Multi-stake 86%   This DX was created from photos I took of my own machine (which I have now sold on) so thought I would keep my machine alive by giving it the DX tre...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Apr 22 2017 09:19 AM 230

Red Hot Poker 1.9 Arcade roms (smaller sized layout) Dx

After many weeks of badgering by richy1976 i finally got round to making my previous red hot poker dx smaller, (yes you heard it vectra666's layouts to big lol) anyways the other layout due to its size had problems, it ran slower than it should due to the screen size,  This layout is about a...  read more...
MPU4 Video Apr 20 2017 09:11 PM 89

Family Guy - The Drunken Clam

Next up from me is this fun to play machine.   Family Guy - The Drunken Clam.   It's another relatively new machine from when Bell Fruit made the swap over from Scorpion 5 to Scorpion 6. (It does run on Scorpion 6 aswell as Scorpion 5)   It seems to play a nice fair game and also h...  read more...
Scorpion 5 Apr 20 2017 01:27 PM 86

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