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"New Members" usergroup

Mar 08 2015 09:10 PM | aaamusements in Site News

If you a regular here who has just logged in to find that you are suddenly pink and a "New Member" then worry not. As soon as you post next you will be automatically promoted into the new group "Regulars".

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Project Amber Development Release

Nov 30 2014 12:34 AM | Guitar in Work in Progress

Some people were asking to see the current state of play, so I've uploaded a dev version to the Skydrive.   If you don't have amber installed already you should install using the latest public version installer (10911). Then patch the new files ov...

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Project Amber Update - September

Oct 26 2014 01:07 AM | Guitar in Site News

In the words of Paul Daniels "Not A Lot" describes what's been happening with Amber lately. So I'll tell you the full plans instead.   However, the next few weeks look more promising regarding available time. MPU4 is working nicely, requiring only...

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Latest Releases
  Title and Description Category Release Date Downloads

BFM Rose & Crown

Here's Bell Fruit's Rose & Crown, a nice simple lo-tec machine that was probably designed for bingo halls and arcades.This layout is a joint effort between myself, andy-1 and hitthesix.Keyboard shortcuts in the notes section of the emulator. Thanks toWizard for the emulatorThe Rom...  read more...
Scorpion 1 Oct 16 2019 02:21 PM 17

Barcrest Clickity Click

Here's a bingo themed machine from Barcrest, called Clickity Click.Most likely found in bingo halls back in the early 90's, it's set on a £6 token jackpot at 20p playand uses the rarely used plasma display. Keyboard shortcuts in the notes section of the emulator. Thanks to Wiz...  read more...
MPU4 Oct 13 2019 04:48 PM 19

Random Gold 70 DX

Random gold £70 DX.   About as random as the guy on dif who said MR X a fml artist is a ebay seller, no evidence whatsoever.      read more...
Electrocoin Oct 12 2019 05:49 PM 87

Astra's BIG15 15 Dx (updated)

Layout now with correct £2 decal thanks to Amusments via desert island fruits for sourcing the correct font to remake the £2 also added big 15 jackpot symbols to the top cash tiers   lamps now blended around the machine edges to   not sure if the original machine would say BIG...  read more...
System 1 Oct 11 2019 11:15 PM 38

ACE - Club National (Mute)

This time from me and the ACE stable it's a club machine called Club National,the big brother to the AWP Grand National.Unfortunately it's mute, but one day the sounds may turn up and, missing sound ROM's don't make a layout unplayable. Keyboard shortcuts in the notes section of the emulator...  read more...
SP.ACE Oct 07 2019 04:45 PM 9

Twice as Nice 4.80 Classic

 Next up is a machine i've wanted to do for an age, its a machine i remember playing back in '92' down @ Burnham on sea holiday park i worked at for a short time it was on 10p play with a £4.80 repeater which repeated 9 more times for £48 in tokens happy days i thought till i lost...  read more...
Scorpion 1 Oct 06 2019 02:32 PM 32

Ace - Super Hi-De-Hi

Here we have the SYS1 version of Hi-De-Hi called super hi-de-hi.No images seem to be around for this machine so it's been created from a very sketchy memory of the machine and the lamp attract mode sequence.Keyboard Shortcuts are in the notes section of the emulator.Thanks to:-Wizard for his fant...  read more...
System 1 Oct 02 2019 02:21 PM 21

Grandmaster Cash DX

Here's Betcom'/QPS's Grandmaster Cash set on MultiStake/£70/78%. Plays a better game on £1, which is explained in the Players Guide. I originally usedMFME V19.5, but I finished it in V19.6 so must be used to play this layout, which you can get from desertislandfruits. Thanks to Chris Wr...  read more...
Scorpion 5 Oct 01 2019 04:49 PM 98

Dond - Spank the Banker 70 Dx

 Now the sites back to normal (sort of) thanks to Pete W for sorting it out this can now be released over here    Thanks goto Fruitsnappa for the hi res images for this, it's guys like him that make these layouts possible.   Shortcuts are listed within the notes within the lay...  read more...
Scorpion 5 Sep 25 2019 07:02 PM 98

ACE - On The Piste

Here we have a skiing themed layout from ACE called On The Piste.This layout comes in 2 flavours - 20p £8.00 token jp or 25p £10.00 all cash jp. SOUND ISSUES.Like alot of these ACE layouts, there are missing sound ROM's however the sound from Golden Mile fit this layout nicely, so...  read more...
SP.ACE Sep 21 2019 04:46 PM 27

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