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Pinned  New accounts - administrator validation is requ...

Nov 06 2016 12:50 PM | aaamusements in Site News

Due to a large number of duplicate accounts being created, all new accounts currently require validation by an administrator before becoming fully active.   This will also apply to any upgrades or packages purchased at the time of signing up....

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NEW Facebook page - LIKE for a chance to WIN!

Sep 16 2015 02:51 PM | aaamusements in Site News

Fruit-Emu has a new Facebook page!

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Paid for a Site Supporter membership but still...

Apr 20 2015 11:38 AM | aaamusements in Site News

Paid but not received instant access to downloads?

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Latest Releases
  Title and Description Category Release Date Downloads

Ace - Prize Take Your Pick

Here we have another release from the Ace stable called   Prize Take Your Pick (Classic)   This layout is partly mute, there are some basic Ace sounds however the full sound rom is missing, which is unfortunate as this seems to be a nice fun game to play.   Set at £6 Token / P...  read more...
SP.ACE Today, 05:43 PM 5

Impulse's High Voltage 15 (Mute) :( Classic.

Next up as this was requested by JoltZekrom a few times lol. is this almost a clone of the simpsons and spartacash (which i may look into) High voltage.  Unfortunately the layouts in mute form due to no sound roms atm!! but at least its a base for a dx if sounds arrive    Shor...  read more...
Epoch Yesterday, 11:02 PM 26

Slider Wdx

Here's a little dx of red gamings slider,this is a photo based dx using two pretty small photo's so it aint no oil painting,I have done this dx for me as i loved this,wouldn't normally use such low quality art but it is a nice game,thanks to wizard for mfme v5  and to no1stoney for the two p...  read more...
MPU5 Yesterday, 09:05 PM 54

Bwb's Red Hot Mazooma Belle 6 (Video) Dx

Been working on this one today, Its red hot mazooma belle set on £6 jackpot. It plays a bit different to the original £4.80 jackpot as in firstly it let em spins for wins and there's a "hidden" feature where the name flashes and you need to hold stuff something like that lol.   The...  read more...
MPU4 Video Jan 15 2017 07:58 PM 40

Double Top (Maygay) - Classic

Final EPOCH machine for a while from me, Maygay's Double Top set at £15/25p . Thanks to Hitthesix and Mavroz for providing reference images. The correct reel symbols are not available so I'm using standard Maygay of the time, hopefully they'll show up! Keys are in the Notes.      read more...
Epoch Jan 15 2017 07:35 PM 51

Lite A Nudge DX

Another fantastic, classic SRU machine to bring you all.  This time it's Lite A Nudge's turn.  An old, early eighties nudger from the JPM stable.  Set to £1 token jackpot, 5p play.  Might be the lowest, token jackpot machine emulated.  Geddy would know for sure....  read more...
SRU Jan 15 2017 07:10 PM 48

BWB: Shop Window 20p/6

BWB: Shop Window 20p/£6   £1: 0 Start: Space AutoPlay: A Collect: C Cancel: ` Hold: 1 Hold: 2 Hold: 3 Start: S   Enjoy   JAFC    read more...
MPU4 Video Jan 15 2017 05:51 AM 49

Reel Good Time DX

Here we have Reel Good Time by Global Gaming. Running on Epoch - £25/30p/86%   This DX was created using photos of my own personal machine which were taking by a former fruit-emu member on their professional camera. I've not had a lot of practice stitching photos together so this was a...  read more...
Epoch Jan 14 2017 12:24 PM 147

Mummy Talks(Impulse)5/10p 86% Wdx

Next up whilst i was doing high voltage (which i'll come back to soon) i found roms for Mummy talks but with no sounds, but thanks to Tommy C he uploaded the complete set initially this was set to £25jp but the images i obtained from fleabay were for £5 so finally found these.  Tha...  read more...
Epoch Jan 13 2017 11:08 PM 75

Jackpot Genie 25 Jackpot Dx

Here is Jackpot Genie by Red Gaming set on £25 Jackpot   This Dx will not be as clear as the £5 Dx I did a few weeks ago due to the fact the flyer is not very clear   Anyway I would like to thank   Samson81 for the Flyer Spa for the Roms Wizard for MFME5.1   Enjoy   read more...
MPU5 Jan 13 2017 02:43 PM 118

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