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Pinned  New accounts - administrator validation is requ...

Nov 06 2016 12:50 PM | aaamusements in Site News

Due to a large number of duplicate accounts being created, all new accounts currently require validation by an administrator before becoming fully active.   This will also apply to any upgrades or packages purchased at the time of signing up....

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NEW Facebook page - LIKE for a chance to WIN!

Sep 16 2015 02:51 PM | aaamusements in Site News

Fruit-Emu has a new Facebook page!

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Paid for a Site Supporter membership but still...

Apr 20 2015 11:38 AM | aaamusements in Site News

Paid but not received instant access to downloads?

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Latest Releases
  Title and Description Category Release Date Downloads

Crystal - Buccaneer

Crystal - BuccaneerTech: MPU4Requested by Lineup. Here's another oldie clubber this time from the Crystal stable. It's a weird one, with the reels on the top glass and the feature game on the bottom glass, but it does play a fun game. Souind added. Keyboard Shortcuts in the notes s...  read more...
MPU4 Dec 13 2019 07:41 PM 9

Road to Riches 70 (video) Dx

Following on from the club edition i did a while back here's its baby brother in a video/reel based format.   Thanks to Clo/Westy for the classic used for the lamping numbers   eBay for the main image used and to innfection for images sent via pm from spa's drive thingy   If you've...  read more...
Adder5 Dec 13 2019 05:49 PM 27

Project's Theme Park 8/20p Classic (Beta)

next up is this fairground/roller coaster themed machine by project A couple of minor things about this. this is in its very basic form due to the machine upon start up is asking for it's jackpot/stake key, so it reverts to its default setting of £8 tokens/20p play and i think its not holdin...  read more...
Proconn Dec 06 2019 07:59 PM 35

Barcrest - Millionaires Club

Millionaires ClubTech: MPU4 The next clubber from me is this beauty from Barcrest - Millionaires Club. From the era when the A in AWP meant Amusement.Lots going on with this machine, cash wins, features, nudges & more. Keyboard shortcuts in the notes section of the emulator. Th...  read more...
MPU4 Dec 06 2019 07:47 PM 15

Bags of Cash

Crystal - Bags of CashTech: MPU4 Here's another clubber from me, Crystals Bags of Cash, it plays similar to Rags to Riches - a hi-lo feature gamble game. Keyboard Shortcuts in notes section of layout. Thanks to Wizard for the emulatorThe Rom & Flyer providers. Requires MFME V19.8 or later to play.  read more...
MPU4 Dec 01 2019 05:52 PM 11

MDM - Snowball bingo

Here's another oldie clubber from me, this time with a bingo theme.Produced by MDM, it's called Snowball bingo. Light the BINGO letters to play the feature game by getting the letters on the reelsthen play bingo on upto 4 cards. Keyboard shortcuts in the notes section of the emulator...  read more...
MPU4 Nov 28 2019 04:21 PM 24

Astra's Ready to Roll(s) 10 & 15 Dx's

 Here's a dual release of the other two jackpot settings of ready to roll, £10 and the £15 one which is using v202 of the roms    BIG thankyou goes to Amusements @DIF or whatever this member is called on here for sorting out the changed decals for these layouts they look...  read more...
System 1 Nov 23 2019 07:29 PM 57

Astra's Triple Bell 8 Dx

Roll Up!!! Roll Up!!!!     Try your luck on this game, hook a duck or fill yer boots with tokens. Hit the Hammer to reach the top  Bell for the Jackpot.   Slight lamping issue, i've tried for a age to get the top bell lamps correct including the lightining strikes on either si...  read more...
System 1 Nov 21 2019 08:02 PM 61

Project's The Roll 10 Dx

A quick update from me, thanks to Hitthesix for supplying these £10 roms thanks and shortcuts are the same as the earlier £6 & £8 versions   plays in Mfme 19.8+    Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!!  read more...
Proconn Nov 20 2019 07:09 PM 40

Crystal - Club Roulette

Crystal - Club Roulette Tech: MPS2 Here's a early Crystal clubber with a roulette theme, light the name and choose from either the roulette feature or the mix & match feature.The roulette feature does not guarantee a win unlike mix and match which does. Black numbers on reels l...  read more...
MPS Nov 20 2019 02:08 PM 6

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