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FME time-warp logins!

May 10 2014 04:33 PM | Daryl in Site News

I just looked at the members signed in and it was like viewing as I used too over a decade ago! It's nice to see some old FME characters back... it is also great to be debating FME again with such passion, which sadly it has lost over the last few yea...

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Apr 02 2014 04:36 PM | ploggy in Site News

File Name: Cops 'N' Robbers Sys83 DX File Submitter: ploggy File Submitted: 02 Apr 2014 File Category: Project Amber   Here's the official release for the original Sys83 version of Cops 'N' Robbers for Amber.  The first British Sys83 machine...

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Project Amber Ideas Thread

Mar 10 2014 03:28 PM | Guitar in Site News

If anyone has any comments / ideas for Project Amber's future, please post here.   With the imminent conversion of the techs to C++ if I can include any new features as part of the conversion then it will be better than adding stuff in at a later...

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Latest Releases
  Title and Description Category Release Date Downloads

Jpm's Big Wheel 8/10 & 15 Classic Layouts

 Here we have a Triple wammy of jackpot levels for Jpm's Big Wheel for Mfme a layout I've been trying to convert from jpmemu for ages but failed, so thankfully DAD came up with the Roms ready for mfme.  Thanks goto Cheese for the original jpemu layout of which I gained 90% of the lampin...  read more...
Impact Yesterday, 07:11 PM 20

Trick or Treat (global) 5 1024Wdx

Halloween's come early to FME land in this machine Trick or Treat...  Thanks go out to Hitthesix for the classic layout and the photo's pm'ed to me ages ago. to jackpottyforums for the "on" image of this machine which was useful for the on positioning of the lamps etc.  to Ploggy f...  read more...
M1A Jul 24 2014 07:59 PM 100

Cash Counter V2 1024Wdx

Here is one of Barcrest's finest machines Cash Counter, I did a smaller version some time ago which I wasn't 100% happy with so thought I'd redo it Version2, This IMO is a bit bigger and much better with higher percentage roms than in previous layouts.  Thanks goto the original dx creator of...  read more...
MPU 4 Jul 18 2014 09:00 PM 88

Rocky Club

Here's a classic layout of Barcrest Rocky Club - many thanks to ploggy for the pic, it was a great help   All shortcuts as usual with the addition of 'P' for cashpot, and 'X' for transfer, if this layout is running too fast it actually slows down the feature board and you'll get pauses ever...  read more...
MPU 5 Jul 15 2014 07:50 AM 129

Mazooma Nudge It

Been done many time   Never seen the machine, made a difference to HT6's great turorial, everything looks in place   Enjoy hope to do many more  read more...
Scorpion 4 Jul 12 2014 05:54 PM 49

Stake x test

with special thanks to the orginal dxer spa   the shortcuts are space for start   s for stake   c for collect   this is a shortcut only layout at the moment till I get hold of the correct buttons and theres a update to amber   enjoy people  read more...
Project Amber Jul 05 2014 07:41 PM 45

Sevens Above

Here's a classic layout of a triple player game from Bell Fruit called sevens above - it plays as a single game with the "top game" awarded at random after a win and spins in the wins on the normal reels.   The triple 7s sounds I've used seem to match pretty well with the game which is very...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Jun 28 2014 08:21 AM 89

Club Tutti Frutti 1024Wdx (Mute)

      This will only play in Mfme9.4!!!!!!Here is the next release from me in the form of a club machine called Tutti Fruitti, firstly I must thank Douga1 for the classic layout and to Pook for the flyer scan he uploaded. Two things about this wdx unfortunately the layout...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Jun 24 2014 09:24 PM 195

Super Twos

here is super twos beta for amber   I have tried to get the reels the best they can but they it will be updated when the new amber is released     and special thanks to Vectra for the mmfe version   the shortcuts are the same but the collect is t  read more...
Project Amber Jun 24 2014 05:55 PM 51

Club Pink Panther1024Wdx (open door mode)

 Here is the 1024Wdx version of Qps's club pink panther. Open Door only!!! Thanks goto Dougsta for the classic layout used for lamping purposes, next thanks goes to Pook for uploading the flyer of said machine. I've made the super features and "red" cash Pink as I thought that's what they sh...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Jun 15 2014 06:09 PM 304

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