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Pinned  New accounts - administrator validation is requ...

Nov 06 2016 12:50 PM | aaamusements in Site News

Due to a large number of duplicate accounts being created, all new accounts currently require validation by an administrator before becoming fully active.   This will also apply to any upgrades or packages purchased at the time of signing up....

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NEW Facebook page - LIKE for a chance to WIN!

Sep 16 2015 02:51 PM | aaamusements in Site News

Fruit-Emu has a new Facebook page!

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Paid for a Site Supporter membership but still...

Apr 20 2015 11:38 AM | aaamusements in Site News

Paid but not received instant access to downloads?

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Latest Releases
  Title and Description Category Release Date Downloads

Caribbean Cash 35 Dx

    PLAY THIS IN MFME6 ONLY!!!!    Next up is a pirate themed slot by the name of Caribbean Cash by Mazooma  £35jp    Thanks goto Samson81 for the hi res quality flyer   A BIG thankyou to Reg for his classic layout.   Shortcuts are   Start =...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Yesterday, 07:58 PM 40

Around The World In 80 Days

JPM's Around The World In 80 Days - System 5 tech, £6 Jackpot, 20p Play, 78%. Keyboard shortcuts are the usual. Thanks to Ploggy for various, after my request if this machine could be emulated. Reelfruits and Reece and Am, for their youtube videos. To whoever supplied the...  read more...
System 5 Jan 13 2018 10:59 AM 42

BFM'S super bars classic

Thanks to the rom provider  stj   and wizard for the amazing emulator.   set on 20p with the jackpot at £4.80p tokens.   usual shortcuts apply.   runs in v5  or v 6      read more...
Scorpion 1 Jan 11 2018 12:28 AM 31

Bwb's firecracker classic

Thanks to the rom provider ploggy for uploading the started layout and the fixes.   and to wizard for the amazing emulator.   please note this runs in v6 only   shortcuts are in the game folder.      set on 10p with the jackpot@ £4        read more...
System 1 Jan 11 2018 12:26 AM 22

Project Coin - Hot Spots - 4K

Re-release with added coin sounds minor graphic tweaks.   MFME V6 ONLY  read more...
PROCONN Jan 10 2018 07:44 PM 62

Club Attraction 150 1024Wdx (update for MFME6)

Here we have the Dx version of the C-Pdx version i did in late 2014 of Club Attraction.NOW UPDATED FOR MFME6!!!! Thanks goto Sulzerned from the mecca firstly for the video then the Cd he sent me packed with the photo's i required for this Dx.Also thanks again to Sulzerned for the correct sou...  read more...
Scorpion 1 Jan 10 2018 07:39 PM 64

Criss Cross Crazy DX

This is straight conversion of the DX I originally did on Project Amber with Guitar, which is called Criss Cross Crazy.  A mid-tech machine that was made by Coinworld in the late nineties on the MPU4 tech.  Set to £5/10p/92%.    Make sure to use the latest version of MFME...  read more...
MPU4 Jan 09 2018 10:45 PM 83

Zig Zag (Ace - Mute)

For my first release of 2018 we have Zig Zag by Ace. ** This layout will only work in MFME V6 and requires Wingdings 3 font ** Originally released by Ace in 1995 using a reworked Emmerdale code, this machine likes to play a good game, although the hi / lo gamble could be nasty i.e. 2's...  read more...
SP.ACE Jan 08 2018 07:13 PM 32

Impulse's Double Impact 15 Dx

                                                        PLEASE PLAY THIS IN MFME V6+ Next up from me and a first for the tri-reel (as i call it!) i...  read more...
Epoch Jan 04 2018 09:11 PM 150

Homer's Meltdown HD - DX

NOTE: This release is for MFME v6.0 and not v5.0 or v5.1 - you will need to download the latest version of MFME to play this ROM/layout combination!   =SPECIAL THANKS=mazza500 - For gifting me a subscription to Fruit-Emu, for making "Homer's Meltdown Classic" which served as a grea...  read more...
Epoch Jan 04 2018 12:09 PM 207

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